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Out on a charter crabbing excursion on the Arrow No. 2, of Columbia Bar Pilot Launch fame! It ferried pilots for 50 years before retiring. @arrowtugboat @travelastoriawarrenton #astoriaoregon #dungenesscrab #oregondungeness #oregoncoast #arrowtugandtour ...
19 Sep, 2020
Why so crabby?!? Oregon Coast crabbing is best in the months that end with an “r”, meaning that fall and winter are the best times because there’s more meat on them. However, you can still go now! Just make sure you keep only the really big guys (no lit...
23 Aug, 2020
Can’t go fishing this year but we can indulge on these beauties! #OregonDungeness
22 Aug, 2020
#CrabCakes from #OregonDungeness #Crabmeat Breaded in a Breadcrumb/ PitaCrumb / SaltVinegarPotatoChipCrumb Mix.. Fried and served with Fresh #saladgreens from my gargen, a fresh
21 Aug, 2020
Made a small batch of #OregonDungeness #CrabCakes @shaggydachef for a light dinner.. Blended a few recipes together : Picked Crabmeat, Fresh Chive, Fesh Basil, Sweet Onion, Fresh Jalapeno from my Neighbor. Also Smokey
21 Aug, 2020
1/2 of the catch for tonight’s dinner
16 Aug, 2020
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