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I have now completed my Barbacide and Covid-19 certification providing me with the most up to date hygiene standards and regulations to keep you all safe when #skapesalon opens next week
14 May, 2020
What should I call this color? .
12 May, 2020
You already know that bleached hair needs extra care. Here’s how
09 May, 2020
Happy Anniversary Rachel! We love you!
02 May, 2020
My last day at the salon I gave my beautiful cousin her first salon experience! Needless to say she will be coming back!
01 May, 2020
How many of you have gotten confused on hairstylist lingo? **What the heck does an ashy or warm lift even mean? I remember getting totally confused by all of this even when I'd get my hair done before I became a hairdresser myself! This is why I will al...
01 May, 2020
To all the amazing stylist out there
30 Apr, 2020
With our current stay home orders I was so worried I’d have to be in limbo with my @invisiblebeadextensions certification. I ordered hair for my mannequin to practice doing two rows and then a lightbulb went off. . . My best friend lives down the street a...
27 Apr, 2020
I have never done extensions before. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I had never seen any I was super impressed with. . . I didn’t love the way tape ins looked or other methods where you can see the beads. You don’t want someone saying “oh nice ...
26 Apr, 2020
MY COLOR KEEPS FADING!! Fading color is something that will happen no matter what, but there are a few things that can help maintain the longevity of your hair color. Wear and tear on the hair from the sun, hot tools, bleaching, hard water, etc. Create ...
25 Apr, 2020
*BE GENTLE!* I see
24 Apr, 2020
Blonde ambition? Did you know..... Taking it slow and easy is the best way to go! Always remember that lightening your hair can be a process. Trust me, it is NOT a one size fits all method. For some, it may take just 1 to 2 sessions and others maybe 6...
23 Apr, 2020
Slow motion balayage
22 Apr, 2020
Who loves low maintenance hair?! One of the things I enjoy about my job is to create hair that can make your life easier! For all of you busy people out there,
22 Apr, 2020
Before quarantine when I got to do what I love.
16 Apr, 2020
Which house would you like to be living in right now?
14 Apr, 2020
We miss you as much as you miss us!
28 Mar, 2020
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