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Serving Basics #firstserveothers
14 Jul, 2019
Stephanie brought 4 baby kittens in she is fostering and has to feed frequently. They are adorable!! If anyone wants a kitten please call the office and ask for Stephanie
11 Jul, 2019
WE’RE CRAZY about Customer Satisfaction! #firstserveothers
10 Jul, 2019
We love giving back to the local community! We recently partnered with the non-profit Both Hands to transform the lives of two families with several other local businesses. Check out the story here. #firstserveothers #givingback #co...
09 Jul, 2019
I’m running with Team World Vision to help provide life-changing clean water to children and communities in the developing world. Nearly 1,000 children under the age 5 dies every day from diarrhea caused by contaminated water, poor sanitation, and improp...
08 Jul, 2019
#freedom #serveothers #serveotherswithlove #firstserveothers #selfindulgence #befree #usa #fourthofjuly2019 #selfcontrol #loveoneanother #youonlyneedone #goodreminder #godknowsbest #fightingtemptations #galatians #celebrate #loveconquersall #behumble #let...
04 Jul, 2019
When it comes to our Paul Davis Restoration team, they live by one motto: there is no time for second best. ✊
03 Jul, 2019
Happy Canada Day, eh?!
02 Jul, 2019
Our Boise West Franchise Owners Jon & Carlee Cayton partnered with the non-profit organization @givebothhands to provide a home makeover to two deserving local families. Learn more about how they gave back to the community with other Boise area businesses...
01 Jul, 2019
☠️Favorite account @yergoing2die The daily miracle is waking up. “It’s not your birthday. Oh, but it kinda is..... like everyday.” #newchances #daily #tomakeadifference #firstserveothers ☠️
01 Jul, 2019
Stephanie needs help finding two cute-as-a-button kittens a forever home. The kittens should be ready to go within a week or two. Please call the office (1-434-990-9911) and ask for Stephanie to inquire about the kittens and share on your wall and ask aro...
01 Jul, 2019
Some would say "Way too hot for anything..." others survived an Ironman in Frankfurt and we??? We had some fun on the bike, hanging out at the pool, got yummy breakfast with homemade pancakes and we made our neighbours happy, by painting also their wall. ...
30 Jun, 2019
Associates at FirstService Residential’s Dania Beach, FL, headquarters glow all out to raise awareness about energy savings at this year’s Daylight Hour. #FirstServeOthers #FirstServiceResidential #DaylightHour
27 Jun, 2019
#repost CertaPro Painters® of Western Chester County visited The Garage Community and Youth Center in West Grove today. The Garage in West Grove and Kennett runs after school and summer activities for teens in their respective school districts, providing ...
25 Jun, 2019
When our internal team and our Brand Partners need reliable, expert IT services, no one gets the job done quite like our Connecting Technology team! We have partnered with Keystone Technologies to help us deliver what we promise and we couldn’t be happier...
25 Jun, 2019
Stephanie is out schmoozing and bribing people with donuts today. If you see our little ray of sunshine say Hi! and ask her to save us a donut.
25 Jun, 2019
On June 21, we participated in the Building Exchange is hosting its annual #Daylighthour event. Daylight Hour is a global social media campaign designed to raise awareness of energy conservation and wellnes in commercial space. FirstService and its affil...
24 Jun, 2019
Don't make the mistake of spending your whole life and all your energy... . ...unconcsciously trying to fill a void with things like love from an external source, approval from others (like parents/friends/family), or... . material things like
24 Jun, 2019
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