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Proud of my baby boy! Now a New Hartford graduate. 'S' for Seton and 'S' for Spartans. #NH2020 #SpartanPride #SetonProud #ArmyROTC #WPI2024
01 Jul, 2020
She let me have all 3 up for the pic before taking the BHS one down. #unstoppable #seattlecentral #seattlecolleges #associateofscience #wpi #wpi2024
01 Jul, 2020
Our staff has loved seeing these signs pop up around Worcester, but we also know that they’re popping up across the country! Are you a member of #WPI2024? Tag us in your photos and share your excitement!
23 Jun, 2020
Yesterday we celebrated graduation Covid style with a drive thru diploma pick up and some small group photos. Meg, I’m very proud of all that you’ve accomplished in the classroom, in the community, and on the trails and track over the past four years. I’m...
19 Jun, 2020
Love seeing these signs around town! #wpi2024
17 Jun, 2020
Whether it’s a new favorite or a well-loved classic, books are invaluable ways to share and enjoy stories. We’d love to know: What’s a book you’ve been reading this summer? #WPI2024
17 Jun, 2020
This wasn't like High School Musical at all #wpi2024
15 Jun, 2020
I’ve never made a post about it, but I’m officially Worcester Polytechnic Institute Class of 2024 and I’ve never felt happier and more accomplished in my life. I set a goal when I was 13 that I will move myself out of Russia to my dream country, no matter...
14 Jun, 2020
Getting excited for #wpi2024! Future Goat here!! And thanks to the folks who painted our street. So appreciated! ❤️
12 Jun, 2020
Celebrating Joel’s diploma day at SHS! Wishing him all the best in his future endeavors and may #WPI2024 be something to look forward to. Congratulations Joel, we all love you and are happy that you’ve done so well - way to go!!
12 Jun, 2020
A good book in one hand, a beaker in the other… high school was where you started to find yourself. With that in mind... What was your favorite class in high school? #WPI2024
11 Jun, 2020
Just graduated from high school. Had a fun time while it lasted. I want to thank my parents and family for putting up with me throughout high school. Congrats to all my friends who graduated with me. Time for the next chapter in my life: WPI 2024! #gradua...
07 Jun, 2020
Incredibly proud of this young lady! You rocked it!! The possibilities are endless! #classof2020 #wpi2024
06 Jun, 2020
Now I can officially say I’m the proudest sister
06 Jun, 2020