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Ep 187: Interview with Tracey Noonan, founder of Wicked Good Cupcakes
Today's guest is a perfect reminder that the American Dream is still going strong. In Season 4 of Shark Tank, Tracey Noonan and her daughter Danielle (from ...
08 May, 2017
Whicked good cupcakes taste test
I ordered some Wicked good cupcakes two days ago and they got here today so I had to share the experience. By the way these things are BANGIN' Wicked ...
15 Nov, 2014
Wicked Good Cupcakes graces the staff at Good Morning America with their new cheesecakes in jars.
Tracey Noonan and Danielle Vilagie showing the world their new cheesecakes in jars to the Good Morning America crew. These cheesecakes can be ...
01 Aug, 2014
Wicked Good Cupcakes Shark Tank Update
Check out how one of my favorite Shark Tank investments are doing since our deal last season! Be sure to go to their website, ...
23 Sep, 2013
Wicked Good Cupcakes on the Kris Jenner Show with co host Tom Bergeron
One of my favorite Shark Tank investments made it onto the Kris Jenner show to tell everyone about their delicious product! Check them out ...
29 Aug, 2013
Wicked Good Cupcakes at Faneuil Hall Marketplace
As seen on Shark Tank, Wicked Good Cupcakes has ready-to-eat cupcakes in a jar. Delicious! Stop by and grab one! ...
14 May, 2013
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these are awesome
Cupcake in a jar from Boston get one at
Positively Stacey - Creating a Beautiful Life
People often ask if we bake cakes as well...The answer is, yes! Here's a simple 8" wedding cake.
Take me with you! Love, your cupcake jar.
Thinking of you gift boxes!
Train. A first class train ticket between Rome and Florence is $45.00 x 2. What a great gift for the honeymooners in your life! HoneyFund. #SomethingWonderful
Signing holiday cards to accompany our cupcake jars for US troops deployed overseas. #atasteofhome
I'm going to have my own flavor of @wkdgoodcupcakes!! Help pick a label for Mr Wonderful's Cookie Butter! A or B?
Wicked Good & Hickory farms collaborate! Look at this amazing food gift! Cupcakes and savory snacks will satisfy everybody.

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