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Secret garden | meme (desc)
Stuff to read: Omg THIS TOOK ME FOREVER TO DO! I hope you like it lol and yes I do have a new oc her name is Ashley I hope you like her lol...
22 Mar, 2019
Let your imagination fuel you and allow the cosmic connections to unfold.
22 Mar, 2019
| intonation | [meme] \\ vent?//
Stuff to read: Sooo ya I guess you can kind of tell why I'm upset... But I know that I can't change the way he feels about me... And it's...
13 Mar, 2019
#backyard vibes #windchimes #videoismyart
10 Mar, 2019
Blood in the water | meme (collab with the silly wolf XD)
Stuff to read: Holy frick she is soooo good it should be illegal lol And my part sucks PLEASE go and sub to her she's super talented And...
06 Mar, 2019
I’m easily entertained and miss living across the street from #VeniceBeach. Where i could see a show everyday. Here’s a vintage (
23 Feb, 2019
.............? _____\_{**}_/______ Oh, #instagram Are you a distraction, Or a modern conduit For the transmission of culture, of information, of ideas? Are you A catalyst For the development of identity, A rumor mill, a bragging board, Or something tha...
21 Feb, 2019
Morning visual creation inspiration. #lovecrimes #frankocean #videoismyart
02 Feb, 2019
Meet the Artist
Hello! To kick off my channel, I decided to do a Meet the Artist speedpaint. It's late for me right now, so I started getting lazy toward the end of the drawing, sorry ...
01 Feb, 2019
“You should see me in a crown” | short speedpaint #2
Back with another speedpaint! Gosh I wish someone watched my videos :,) The music is NOT mine! All I own in this video is my art! Program used: ibisPaint X.
30 Jan, 2019
art studio vlog 2 | drawing for kompas
art studio vlog 2 | drawing for kompas hello everyone! in this video I'm gonna take you to watch how I make art, how I work, how I paint, how I draw, basically this ...
25 Jan, 2019
art studio vlog - drawing experiment | senduparasnya
art studio vlog - drawing experiment | senduparasnya hello everyone! finally I made my very first art studio vlog ❤ been wanting to make one since a very long ...
04 Jan, 2019
This Annie ;)) , ok not the gurl as my pfp
So this my main Oc Annie, the girl as my pfp is Rasbii's oc not mine, I do not take credit for her art and I'm not saying I do. The video is my art. Please do not steel, ...
27 Dec, 2018
My Monday #thoughtfortheday . . .#videoismyart
17 Dec, 2018
My pre-teen #skateboarding skills were unearthed to play the entertaining #uncle role.
17 Dec, 2018
The Griffith Park Festival of Lights Night Hike was a new experience for me. 6 miles and darkness and lights but what views!!!! #losangeles #views #nighthike #nighthiking #videoismyart
09 Dec, 2018
In moments of chaos take time to #breathe and #enjoythesilence (
05 Dec, 2018
In moments of chaos take time to #breathe and #enjoythesilence (
05 Dec, 2018
Art Supplies Collection Of A 15 Year Old!!!
Hey guy's today's video is my art supplies collection!! :) Hope you enjoy!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LIKE ...
05 Nov, 2018

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