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Binding gc2b vs underworks
which binder is better gc2b or underworks from a person who has worn both Underworks link: gc2b link: Chase ...
18 Feb, 2019
Binder Review: Underworks 947
Unboxing review for Underworks Econo Series Tank #947.
28 Dec, 2018
Underworks TVC 2018 | Laser Cut Invisibles Briefs for Womens
Underworks presenting women's new laser cut invisible briefs to avoid lines in cotton elastane featuring body max stretch technology for everyday comfort.
15 May, 2018
Underworks Binder Review!
A full review of Underworks' Tri-Top Chest Binder. Underworks: This Tri-Top Chest Binder: ...
31 Mar, 2018
GenderQueeries Ep. 4 ~ GC2B VS UNDERWORKS
13 Jan, 2018
Luis - Welcher Binder ist der richtige? | Trans*Planet
Der Name, von der Website mit dem TriTop Binder, ist Underworks: Meine Binder sind von gc2b: ...
06 Dec, 2017
BINDER REVIEW (GC2B vs. Underworks)
Any questions? Need help or advice? I'm always available!! Tumblr: Instagram: @joshcaspermusic Buy the ...
22 Jun, 2017
GC2B vs. Underworks Binder Review
FOLLOW ME! Instagram:ryals_21 SnapChat: hryals21 Twitter: ryalscolton GC2B Binder: Underworks Binder: ...
08 May, 2017
Underworks Vs GC2B Binder Review
I have been faithful to Underworks for around 2 years now so i decided to try out a GC2B binder. Sadly, the GC2B ripped when i first tried it on. It still worked well ...
14 Apr, 2017
UK FTM - Underworks 988 Binder Review
Alternative Title 'My First Binding Experience' Hello everyone! I'm a bit late on the video again but I've got a lot going on. Sorry that it is blurry and you can hear ...
06 Mar, 2017
Les binders
Regardez la vidéo en entier pour avoir toutes les infos! tous les binders ont été donnés Gc2b tous les binders: Underworks ...
17 Feb, 2017
How to Properly Bind (GC2B vs. Underworks)
Thank you for watching! Please help support me and my journey by liking this video and subscribing to my channel! Instagram: ...
22 Jan, 2017
FTM Binders comparison
We are comparing the four binders we have to on another and hopefully it helps you to pick out the one that's right for you! Gc2b ...
13 Nov, 2016
GIVEAWAY!!!!!! Win a $50 Gift Certificate to Underworks (Closed)
GIVEAWAY!!!!!! Win a $50 Gift Certificate to Underworks. Enter Here: This giveaway is worldwide (except ...
18 Jul, 2016
How to Bind a Big Chest! Day 3 #VEDA
Don't forget to like, subscribe and comment! My other binding video can be found here; GC2b ...
03 Apr, 2016
Test binder underworks 983
Voilà ce que fait le binder 983 à mon bonnet C : PLAT LOVE LOVE Voilà. • Mon binder : • Ma taille, c'est S : il faut ...
09 Mar, 2016
Binder Review: Gc2b vs Underworks
Potential trigger warning (?): I briefly mention cup sizes for transmasculine individuals & I talk about breast tissue. FTM Garage Sale: ...
07 Feb, 2016
BINDER REVIEW!! underworks vs Gc2b tri-top binders-JAY CRAVAT
time to compere two very well known binders for ftm's... which is better.. underworks or Gc2b??? Underworks tri top binder- ...
07 Dec, 2015
Underworks Binder Review
Even though in this video it may seem like this binder might not be the greatest, I preferred this binder over the other options out there and it was the most ...
13 Oct, 2015
Rowen's Underworks Tri-top Chest Binder Review
In which I review the Underworks Tri-top Chest Binder and my dog woofs in the background. Underworks: Underworks Tri-top Chest ...
11 Sep, 2015

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