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Can’t wait to revive such good moments with @lucasfonts_berlin @claudiadraws @barrybianco and all. Souvenir from the type crit back in 2015. #typeparis15 — — — #typeparis #workshop #tpworkshop #paris #fonts #lettering #signs #graphicdesign #design #typo...
18 Sep, 2021
Early bird price up to 6 september. Register now/Inscrivez-vous to (in English+French):
01 Sep, 2021
Hey jump to @typeparis
30 Aug, 2021
Register now/Inscrivez-vous (in English+French) to TypeParis Workshop Nº 14 Font Nerdery on 12 September 2021
19 Aug, 2021
Register now/Inscrivez-vous (in English+French) to TypeParis Workshop Nº 13 AbracadaGlyphs on 11 September 2021
16 Aug, 2021
2nd #tpworkshop of the weekend: Romans. Like the day before, back to calligraphy, Caroline minuscules, then Renaissance minuscules. Contrary to italic, roman is more complex: different proprtions of letters, more varied letters in shape. Around 12:00, the...
05 Jul, 2021
1st #tpworkshop of the weekend: Italics. We started this morning with @ginaserret to do some calligraphy. Around 12pm, the first letters were drawn, then in the early afternoon, discussion about endings, connections, and how to bring style with @jfporchez...
03 Jul, 2021
TypeParis15 memories: group photo with @lucasfonts_berlin
29 Jun, 2021
Last day to take advantage of the special offer, the rate will increase afterwards. Inscrivez-vous/Register now (in English+French) to TypeParis Workshop Nº12 Design de lettres: Romans on Sunday 4 July 2021! Conducted by @jfporchez @stephanelbaz
24 Jun, 2021
In fact, it's quite similar to what will happen in our two #tpworkshops on 3 & 4 july at @Letank: Image from the first week (ever) #typeparis15 starting with calligraphy practice. Learning humanist structure and its letterforms serve as a kickoff for the ...
16 Jun, 2021
Make you choice now, but join us:
10 Jun, 2021