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Welcome to Albert-Jan Pool @albertjanpool
23 Jul, 2020
Welcome to Mário Feliciano @felicianotype
16 Jul, 2020
Welcome to @mchaccur
09 Jul, 2020
Welcome to @laurameseguer
02 Jul, 2020
Welcome to @jeremytankardtypography
25 Jun, 2020
[Read our statement about #covid19] Last day!
14 Mar, 2020
As part of the core team, founder of TypeParis, Jean François Porchez @jfporchez ✨ will obviously be instructor at #typeparis20!
13 Mar, 2020
Last year I designed this poster using my typeface NORIA developed at @typeparis and it was selected as part of @letrasticafest exhibition in Mexico City
11 Mar, 2020
It's that time of the year: 3 days left!
11 Mar, 2020
Congratulations to Aline Yoshimatsu, @lineletters, winner of this year’s @TypeCon Scholarship to #TypeParis20! @typeparis
11 Mar, 2020
Welcome to Mathieu Réguer @mathieureguer ✨ #typeparis20 instructor in 2020!
10 Mar, 2020