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Typographic goodies for the attendees of @astridstavro’s talk at Type Paris 2019   “Table tennis is a form of two-way communication between sender and receiver, across borders and cultures. It is a conversation between two parties, of call and response”....
30 Jan, 2021
It has been a year!
16 Jun, 2020
Reposting from @typeparis
29 Feb, 2020
I could not be there, but there was a piece of me in Berlin this week, my first typeface Laretia. It was designed during @typeparis 2019, and now it is part of the Mastering type exhibition of @typostammtisch, among other students type design projects. T...
20 Jan, 2020
My typeface Vernicia from #TypeParis19 will be included in Typostammtisch Berlin’s “Mastering Type 2019” exhibition, which will take place this weekend! I will also be talking about the project during the presentations. If you are in the area, definitely ...
17 Jan, 2020
Here are a good words from #typeparis past attendees
15 Jan, 2020
Have a look to Sweet Jesus by Scott Biersack @youbringfire who received his #typeparis19 diploma with distinction in July 2019. ➽ #typeparis20 Apply before the 14 March 2020 to learn from renowned professionals...
13 Jan, 2020
Can’t wait for this exhibit in Berlin organized by @typostammtisch
16 Dec, 2019
Mini version of the poster I made for Typostammtisch Berlin ✨ If you happen to be in Berlin Jan 17th and 18th, check out their “Mastering Type” exhibition which will showcase designs from TypeParis ‘19! Special thanks to @jfporchez for making it possible ...
16 Dec, 2019
#Repost @youbringfire who wrote a great post about his experience at #TypeParis19
05 Dec, 2019
It’s almost been two months since @typeparis ended, yet I’m still looking for the right words to describe my experience. It still feels a bit overwhelming. So I’ll start with a thank you, to everybody
05 Sep, 2019
I’m back! After 3 months working and travelling abroad, it’s time to settle for a while. I feel so thankful to everyone who’s taken part of this adventure. In an attemp to summarize it: .
03 Sep, 2019
A polaroid of great friends taken by @olgavasik !! My #typeparis19 friends. Amazing talented and helpful gang. Miss you all!!
20 Aug, 2019
#typecon2019 Keynote: Type design in the computer age How it was to design typefaces before digital era, as well launching a foundry in the 90s? Numerous ...
19 Aug, 2019
Scott @youbringfire was at #typeparis19, not only he is fun, but doing fabulous work! Don’t wait more check the original post to enjoy all the images. #Repost @goodtype ・・・ @youbringfire was probably one of the first letterers I ever followed on instagra...
15 Aug, 2019
Logo tests over 3D render background. It’s great when paper finds the endless digital world. Even though i still feel that the most important part of my flow will always emerge from my hand in direct contact with the paper. ✍️ ⏯ swipe for rainbow ...
10 Aug, 2019
Unrelated to his presence at #typeparis19 (he received his #TypeParis certificate with distinction) this summer BUT warm congrats to @mrkzdsgn for his @typedirectorsclub award.
02 Aug, 2019
I spent half of this summer in Paris studying type design at #typeparis @typeparis . It was an experience of a lifetime, so I wanted to share my thoughts about the programme. Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to win a scholarship by SOTA and @typecon ...
01 Aug, 2019