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Welcome to @astridstavro Astrid Stavro, @pentagramdesign partner #tptalks19 speaker in 2019! His #free talk will held on Thursday 27 June 2019, at @letankparis same night as Andrea Tinnes @andrea.tinnes. Registr...
07 May, 2019
Welcome to @losientostudio (Borja Martínez) from Barcelona #tptalks19 speaker in 2019! His #free talk will held on Thursday 20 June 2019, at @letankparis same night as Neil Summerour @positype. Regist...
26 Apr, 2019
Welcome to #typeparis19
19 Apr, 2019
A classic! Glad that this book is back on time for #typeparis19
05 Apr, 2019
A for akseptert — Looking forward to five weeks of type design with @typeparis this June! #typeparis19 #36daysoftype #36days_A
02 Apr, 2019
“A five-week journey into the craft of type design is fantastic. I'm confident that the TypeParis team will encourage and inspire students.” — Mark de Winne @markdewinne — — — #typedesign #typefaces #school #summerprogram #paris #summer #fonts #glyphs #ro...
20 Mar, 2019
@typeparis ✍
19 Mar, 2019
Thanks to all of you! #typeparis19 Applications receveid from Australia, Bolivia, Canada, Finland, France, India, Indonesia, Italia, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA. Now time for the jury to meet. Attendees will be ...
15 Mar, 2019
Today is the last day: Apply now! To be clear between us: the #typeparis19 deadline is 14 March 2019, midnight (UTC+12) to apply on Example: if in Continental Europe you have until 15 March noon. — — — #typeparis #typedesign #typefaces #sch...
14 Mar, 2019
Check this animation about the last day to apply for #typeparis19
12 Mar, 2019
If this makes you dizzy, this of how you’ll feel after you’ve been accepted to #typeparis19 Apply today. Last day to apply. I waited until the last day and it worked there’s hope for you too!! ❤️❤️
12 Mar, 2019
As part of the core team, founder of TypeParis, Jean François Porchez @jfporchez will be obviously
12 Mar, 2019
Time is running out. Apply today!!! #typeparis19
12 Mar, 2019
2 days left! #typeparis19 Apply before the 14 March 2019 to learn from renowned professionals and experienced instructors including Jean François Porchez, Mathieu Réguer, Xavier Dupré, Marc Rouault, Julie Soudanne and Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer. The week...
11 Mar, 2019
Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn about type in The City of Lights! Five intense weeks of work and fun! #typeparis19
11 Mar, 2019
Just in case you’re still unsure that the #typeparis19 deadline is in two days. This lovely collection of letters & numerals by @teddyderkert #typeparis17 alumni
11 Mar, 2019
Mathieu Réguer @mathieureguer is back
11 Mar, 2019
#typeparis19 Apply before the 14 March 2019 ——— Week #5 What a mammoth task these students have taken on! Week #5 was here, and somehow everyone managed to polish and complete not only a fully-fledged type...
10 Mar, 2019
How was your weekend? Recall: 3 days left!
10 Mar, 2019