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I was gifted two prints by @ruggeromagri, recipient of 2019 SOTA Catalyst Award, recognizing a typographer for significant achievement and future promise in the field of typography...under 25. I’m lucky to say he’s also a good friend and fellow alumni fro...
15 Jun, 2019
Just realized I haven't been posting my work for a while. Time to catch up! I'll be posting a few previous projects until we get to the latest ones. If you like packaging and branding, stay tuned
11 Jun, 2019
Just one #typeparis18 looking forward to summer with @typeparis @typofonderie
09 Jun, 2019
I’ve been six hours in Paris and I’m throwing a party tonight. Sounds about right #typeparis18 #thegangisbacktogether #ihavethebigtable
09 Jun, 2019
Can’t stop playing ➿ Should I stop having fun with Girouette’s beta version and focus myself on finishing it? Would you like to play with Girouette as well?
24 May, 2019
Girouette’s extremes in use
23 May, 2019
Having fun with Girouette (weird) type family
23 May, 2019
Metamorphosis on Girouette’s letter ‘s’: from Girouette Regular to Girouette Black, increasing weight and proportion while reversing also the contrast
20 Apr, 2019
Read @ceci_dcd (#typeparis18 alumni) original post to understand and to see the result of the beautiful lettering piece! — — — #typeparis #typedesign #typefaces #school #summerprogram #paris #summer #fonts #glyphs #robofont #lettering #signs #typography @...
12 Mar, 2019
Have a look to Optika by Alexandre Bassi @alexandre___bassi who received his #typeparis18 diploma in July 2018. — Apply before the 14 March 2019 for #typeparis19 to learn from renowned professionals and experi...
11 Mar, 2019
Look at that! The incredible #gilder lettering piece designed by @ruggeromagri as a gift for his visit today. Ruggero is a #typeparis18 @typeparis alumni with a lot of talent and energy. He just joined #Typofonderie as intern for the next two months. — jf...
10 Mar, 2019
Great project by @ruggeromagri during #typeparis18 #typeparis #repost ・・・ Throwback to this beautiful summer spent in Paris designing Cimer during @typeparis! Regular and heavy weights still wip
09 Mar, 2019
Congrats to @ginaserret #typeparis18
08 Mar, 2019
But there’s still a lot of work to do on both styles: Girouette Black and Regular. Here you can see just a tiny sample of their design process ✏️ . . @typeparis #typeparis18 #typedesign #typeparis #typography #typelovers #typegeek #tipo #type #tipografia ...
06 Mar, 2019
Have a look to Noria by Cecilia del Castillo Daza @ceci_dcd who received her #typeparis18 diploma with distinction in July 2018. — Apply before the 14 March 2019 for #typeparis19 to learn from renown...
03 Mar, 2019
Girouette’s extremes in use
03 Mar, 2019
Girouette is alive! ➰ . Initially, Girouette family was composed of five different styles with notable variations in weight, proportion and contrast. In the extremes, Girouette Regular and Girouette Display. . Note how curiously interpolating these two ma...
02 Mar, 2019
Girouette’s skeleton
01 Mar, 2019
#Repost @ginaserret #typeparis18 alumni!
28 Feb, 2019
#Repost @arthkris, #typeparis18 alumni
28 Feb, 2019