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משהו אקראי לגמרי היום
20 Dec, 2020
Yes, life was like that before #covid_19. Memories from #typeparis18!
17 Dec, 2020
La Chute des Anges Rebelles. THAUMATURGY type in use - get if fot free - link in bio. Engraving by Gustave Doré, 1868. #gustavedore #typebeat #type #typedesign #typeface #typeparis18 #typegang #typefacedesign #typeindex #satan #satanic #satanism #satan...
23 Nov, 2020
Gotham VS Arno Pro • Pretty there ! One to go and we’ll complete an entire alphabet
19 Nov, 2020
Quiero tenerte muy cerca, mirarme en tus ojos, verte junto a mi
11 Mar, 2020
Who is better to talk about it than our past alumni? So we asked them some questions to #TypeParis18 attendees, Poe Cheung @popopopoc & Sebastiaan Van de Venne @drawslowhomie about their experi...
10 Mar, 2020
Just found this unfinished sketch in one of my sketchbooks. It was made in summer’18, after being back home from my first @typeparis experience. With no doubt, a revolution in all senses
05 Mar, 2020
Who is better to talk about it than our past alumni? Check our news section: So we asked them some questions to #TypeParis18 attendees, Cecilia del Castillo Daza @ceci_dcd and Kristine Arth @ar...
23 Jan, 2020
Great post about @ceci_dcd #typeparis18 alumni! (More images at @goodtype)
12 Aug, 2019
From my sketchbook on my way back to Barcelona. Just 5 letters that involve so much more, Merci Paris, Merci @typeparis
24 Jul, 2019
The beautiful mural inside @nooshsf is not to be missed. Neither is their food! If you’re in San Francisco, come experience Noosh for yourself! #noosh #food #branding #identity #lettering #typography #customtype #o #oo #type #didot #mademoiselle #lobster...
06 Jul, 2019
Noosh is bringing the slow food movement into a fast food context with its delicious flatbreads and Mediterranean cuisine. While designing their brand, I happened to be participating in the prestigious Type Paris program, and was in the process of creatin...
04 Jul, 2019
Skriftdesign har teke meg til Paris! Last monday marked the beginning of five intense weeks of learning type design in Paris. So far, so good — Let’s see how this goes ⚔️ ———— #typeparis19 #typeparis @typeparis @olgavasik @youbringfire @mikajunna @miquelv...
18 Jun, 2019
It’s crazy to realize it’s been a year ago that I created the typeface you see here! Feeling blessed to come back and meet some of the amazing people I can call friends now again❤️ It’s fun and nice
15 Jun, 2019
I was gifted two prints by @ruggeromagri, recipient of 2019 SOTA Catalyst Award, recognizing a typographer for significant achievement and future promise in the field of typography...under 25. I’m lucky to say he’s also a good friend and fellow alumni fro...
15 Jun, 2019
Just realized I haven't been posting my work for a while. Time to catch up! I'll be posting a few previous projects until we get to the latest ones. If you like packaging and branding, stay tuned
11 Jun, 2019
Just one #typeparis18 looking forward to summer with @typeparis @typofonderie
09 Jun, 2019
We said we’d come back and here we are!
09 Jun, 2019
I’ve been six hours in Paris and I’m throwing a party tonight. Sounds about right #typeparis18 #thegangisbacktogether #ihavethebigtable
09 Jun, 2019