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Initial italics... finally. Shout out to @mass.driver and the waterfall tool for the super long words. #typeparis17 #italics
16 Dec, 2020
Arrows make their first appearance. #arrows #typeparis17
10 Oct, 2020
The process of designing Domenico (still in progress). It will be my first type design project and it began as a revival from a typeface printed in Italy in 1723. It began as text and is currently transforming to a display version. Details are being reint...
25 May, 2020
Getting critique from Albert-Jan Pool #tb #typeparis17
25 May, 2020
Always amazing to see a typeface family started at #TypeParis continue to grow.
24 Jan, 2020
Just in case you’re still unsure that the #typeparis19 deadline is in two days. This lovely collection of letters & numerals by @teddyderkert #typeparis17 alumni
11 Mar, 2019
My short interview for @typeparis with @samarzur @fishblimp to talk about our fantastic experience in 2017. More than typography, I met many cute & talented people all over the world :) Apply for @typeparis 2019 before March #...
27 Jan, 2019
Can I apply to TypeParis19 without any experience in typeface design? (In short: yes!) We are in the application period, and you are wondering what conditions must be met, beyond the official d...
24 Jan, 2019
Can’t wait to see Jourdain typeface designed at #typeparis17 in its metal version printed on a lovely paper! #Repost @xaviercedric ・・・ Du papier au métal / Pedal to the metal hotter than a tea ke...
10 Jan, 2019
Du papier au métal / Pedal to the metal hotter than a tea kettle
06 Jan, 2019