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14 !! it don't really feel like its been already whole year. but yaa
12 Feb, 2021
Day 8: Adalaide blew me kisses from my doorway, I still have one in my pocket. Two more days
11 Feb, 2021
it was soo pretty - also elza can app cause i stole her audio and idea wopps :)) - fc-228 :/
09 Feb, 2021
I wonder about how many people I've encountered that felt a crippling loneliness but weren't quarantined. Thanks @drdardenarted for the beautiful opportunity to talk about visual journaling as wandering through wonder. I had such a nice time with your uni...
09 Feb, 2021
the quality is one big trash, but i have nothing to post so enjoy video for summer
07 Feb, 2021
how you can see the snow is really thick and i can't film in it anything lol - im making some ppl app this trash but ya - fc-230
04 Feb, 2021
Up to my eyeballs in art supplies!!
29 Jan, 2021
I love the song and the editing sm! - It was -24°C when i filmed this wops - Audio credits to @patsiauds - fc-230
24 Jan, 2021
i think i needed strech before this
20 Jan, 2021
⚠️FLASH WARNING⚠️ waiting for this to floop lol
18 Jan, 2021
this is so boring bruh - it was -16°C lol - Sophia and Aleksa saw this before you
16 Jan, 2021
my star ✨ - im making lot of ppl app this :) - fc-214
14 Jan, 2021
My student teaching internship is off to a great start! I’m going to be interning in a local elementary school art classroom this semester. I’m so excited for the next couple months! One step closer to achieving my goal of becoming an art teacher ...
08 Jan, 2021
cover is ugly ya ik - taged approved but they don't know it yett - fc-215
05 Jan, 2021
First video in 2021 !! - fc-207
02 Jan, 2021