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#tumblinglessonswithsara Did you know you can give yourself a paper cut on food foil... BECAUSE I DO
02 Dec
I walk most nights after the kids go to bed and most of the time I see 2 maybe 3 other people. Tonight I encountered 20 people on my walk! Turns out social distancing is bringing people out of their houses! #tumblinglessonswithsara
25 Mar, 2020
Coronavirus has made a hard impact on life, but I’m really thankful that I’m able to stay at my parents’ Bay house in Panacea while I social distance. Being here and getting to enjoy the beauty of nature and the water feels really therapeutic and reminds ...
25 Mar, 2020
Feeling inspired by the resilient little plants I found growing in this staircase... when is nature not impressive?
25 Mar, 2020
Slowing loosing our minds during quarantine? Maybe... having a blast while doing it? Definitely! Keeping family close during these crazy times is important...having some alone time to do school work is also important #onlinegradschool #tumblinglessonswit...
24 Mar, 2020
Ending my first virtual office hours....I had one student drop in to chat, @vmw08 thanks for making me feel like a real teacher! Now to keep grading! #tumblinglessonswithsara
24 Mar, 2020
The weirdest, most anxious, most chaotic “spring break” I’ve ever had is over but like just about everyone else the rest of my semester is taking place online... and it’s hard to not be super bummed. I’m trying to grieve my last semester of school/graduat...
24 Mar, 2020
I’m a cat person but I love drawing doggos (and any critter rly) #art #drawing #sketch #commission #instaart #instaartist #pencil #dog #portrait #tumblinglessonswithsara
24 Mar, 2020
Completing homework outside makes these now online classes a little bit better #tumblinglessonswithsara
23 Mar, 2020
Keep #makingartthings
23 Mar, 2020
Trying to stay positive during these strange times. Currently life holds an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty that has been hard to come to terms with. I went to the store today to get some essentials, and I decided to pick up these fresh flowers to brig...
21 Mar, 2020
Still working on it....I think I went too far. I'll revisit tomorrow #visualjournal #makearteveryday #tumblinglessonswithsara
19 Mar, 2020
Work in progress #makearteveryday #visualjournal #tumblinglessonswithsara
18 Mar, 2020
It’s about time for a cohort throwback, don’t you think? A year ago we were just becoming friends, how is that even possible? It feels like I’ve known these wonderful people for years! I’ve already been dreading leaving everyone when we graduate and now o...
16 Mar, 2020
Spring Break means every day is picnic day!! There’s some uncertainty about what the rest of my final semester of grad school will look like, but we’re just taking it one day at a time. Stay healthy! #picnic #tumblinglessonswithsara
14 Mar, 2020
On Tuesday, I got stuck in an elevator for the first time! Getting stuck was way more overwhelming/stressful than I ever expected it to be, but having my Art Ed friends there for emotional support and to keep me company really helped a lot. Friends and fa...
14 Mar, 2020
Last Friday I had the special opportunity to celebrate my dear friend and fellow art teacher Gerri’s wedding. If you know Gerri, you know that angels are real. Seriously, she is so kind and thoughtful, an amazing baker, funny, and a genuine pleasure to be...
13 Mar, 2020
Fun activity we did in class the other day on how to teach kids to draw in a really easy way! Simply find a photo, edit that photo to look like a like drawing (using a free online photo editor), and then do a charcoal transfer. Swipe to see the transforma...
12 Mar, 2020
If you are looking for a fun art project to do while quarantined...ask me about printmaking! We are still printing cards as part of our NAEA @relayforlife fundraiser.
12 Mar, 2020
Transfer techniques! Flattened the initial image using #tumblinglessonswithsara
11 Mar, 2020

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