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#tumblinglessonswithsara Did you know you can give yourself a paper cut on food foil... BECAUSE I DO
02 Dec
Wait for the beat drop to see a fail
05 Oct, 2019
Find out additional information on "abstract artists famous". Look at our internet site.
17 Sep, 2019
I needed to film with this beautiful sunset.
23 Aug, 2019
Damian Elwes Tutt Art
16 Aug, 2019
Lois Foley Abstract Painting
13 Aug, 2019
Murder in the Kitchen Alice B. Toklas ponders the ethics of killing a carp in her kitchen before stuffing it with chestnuts; decorating a fish to amuse Picasso at lunch. Pablo Picasso The Stranded Fish 1922
13 Aug, 2019
Kandinsky Painting - Deepened Impulse - Vertiefte Regung by Wassily Kandinsky
11 Aug, 2019
Pablo Picasso Head of a Woman, 1927
05 Aug, 2019
Fernand Léger, from Impressionism to Pop Art - Nyx Butoh
27 Jul, 2019
Pablo Picasso Collages Inspire Kids to Explore Identity With Self-Portraits
01 Jul, 2019
*skipping into summer break like* we’re the best cohort that there ever was... cuz we’re the best cohort that there ever was...
26 Jun, 2019
Latest blog post completed while waiting at the airport, t-minus 10 hours until I'm in my homeland #tumblinglessonswithsara
23 Jun, 2019
as I wrap up my first year of grad school (!!!) I’m looking back and thinking about how the time flew! a little over a year ago I heard back from programs and decided to take the biggest leap of my adult life: quit my job, say goodbye to my friends & the ...
23 Jun, 2019
Late night snack
22 Jun, 2019
I got this beautiful print in the mail today from @audrey.a.mckenzie Check her out for more amazing prints! This print especially stood out to me as foxes are extra special to me. My family sees them as a sign/symbol of my cousin Cody, because of his red ...
22 Jun, 2019

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