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This is so OLD omfg
24 Sep, 2020
My tik tok saw this first! - FC-106 - Tags
21 Sep, 2020
September song
20 Sep, 2020
What will we do? Bring the lantern to someone else’s home. thinking about light this evening, the way it travels & colors our world.
17 Sep, 2020
Love this with @flippingkeitt lysm
16 Sep, 2020
Haha With @flippingkeitt @sofija.dzanalijeva @ruudis_real @kl4v2_lol - FC-92 yayy
15 Sep, 2020
I think I’ve been slowly getting better at using the background and my intuition to build up ideas and thoughts, it’s a different way of thinking for me, but it’s exciting to figure out new ways to reflect and explore #tumblinglessonswithsara
14 Sep, 2020
You guys I am baackk with the visual journals! This one documented my thoughts on how experience shapes ourselves and the art world and it’s interactive which means I spent waayyyy too long making it but I absolutely love it #tumblinglessonswithsara...
13 Sep, 2020
Haha, w @ttumbling.keith @ruudis_real @valdis453 - FC-1082
11 Sep, 2020
Today, I took some time to reflect on why I knit. I wanted to reflect on myself personally before we delve into what we can learn about the therapeutic benefits of yarn textile arts. For me, knitting is a creative, happy place. It is a space where my min...
05 Sep, 2020
First, I am not a visual artist (though I can make a solid necklace or bracelet), but I am tasked with making art for two hours a week. This project is about my research questions, how I am thinking about art as a tool for dismantling systemic racism, and...
04 Sep, 2020
With the best person on the world @ttumbling.keith - FC-1085
04 Sep, 2020
#TheCenteringProject "I see the vibration around the sun. I see the shadows of trees that remind me of my ancestors standing tall and observant. Standing tall with pride. It is upon THEIR shoulders I stand. I see a ray of sun, strong and bright, coming ...
03 Sep, 2020
I’ve been avoiding making art about COVID since March. This is strange for me because I make art about everything, but this feels so different. Making art is usually such a natural part of how I engage in my life.  During the pandemic I’ve continued to ma...
31 Aug, 2020
Hi! So tomorrow is staring school, and i wanted say i don't will be really active. Maybe i will just post some clips. But i will try to be active as inpossible
31 Aug, 2020