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TRA Marketplace: Customer Experience
Increase Your Revenue, Employee Retention & Repeat Customers By Delivering an Extraordinary Customer Experience; Monday, July 16 2:00 - 3:00 pm - Big ...
28 Jun, 2018
TRA Marketplace: Extraordinary Customer Experience
Jill Raff of The Jill Raff Group is honored to speak at the Texas Restaurant Association, TRA Marketplace conference with the fabulous Kevin Fink of Emmer ...
28 Jun, 2018
TRA News Now - TRA Marketplace Highlight
In our latest TRA News Now, we showcase the upcoming TRA Marketplace - the second largest foodservice show in the country, which returns to San Antonio ...
24 May, 2018
TRA's Marketplace 2018
San Antonio, here we come!
24 Apr, 2018
2018 TRA Marketplace | Coming to San Antonio!
For the first time in more than 30 years, Texas' own foodservice tradeshow and educational conference will be hosted in the Alamo City. Come join us for two ...
28 Dec, 2017
TRA Marketplace Promo 2017
If you need a similar video or would like to know more about our video marketing services, please visit http://videoforbusiness.co/ Like what you see? Let's GET ...
22 Dec, 2017
TRA Marketplace Promo 2017
Small Screen Producer partnered with the Texas Restaurant Association to create this piece to promote future TRA Marketplace events. This video was crafted ...
20 Dec, 2017
2017 TRA Marketplace
Join us in Dallas July 9 - 10 for TRA Marketplace.
30 Aug, 2016
TRA Marketplace - Your Customers are Here
Your one-stop-shop to get great leads and grow your business.
18 Feb, 2016
2016 TRA Marketplace | June 26 - 27, 2016 | Houston, TX
TRA Marketplace is where the diverse and dynamic Texas restaurant industry comes together. Produced by the Texas Restaurant Association, this ...
26 Aug, 2015
2015 TRA Marketplace
TRA Marketplace, produced by the Texas Restaurant Association, is as diverse and unique as Texas. This is where industry leaders come to learn, network and ...
28 Jul, 2014