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tptalks20: Toshi Omagari Toshi is an independent typeface designer in London who runs his own studio.
17 Jun, 2022
Welcome to Louise Fili @louisefili
04 Mar, 2020
Welcome to Paul Barnes @commercialtype
02 Mar, 2020
Welcome to David Březina @rosettatypefoundry
25 Feb, 2020
Welcome to Nick Sherman @nicksherman
22 Feb, 2020
Welcome to Martin Majoor @martinmajoor
17 Feb, 2020
Welcome to Alexandra Korolkova @leksandra
31 Jan, 2020
Internship at TypeParis20 — Apply now! To be in full immersion of the annual summer programme! We’re looking for help for the global organisation: #tptalks20 and #typeparis20. ➽ Capacities: Serious, well organized, absolutely passionate about typography ...
20 Jan, 2020
Welcome to David Březina @rosettatypefoundry
08 Jan, 2020
Welcome to Louise Fili @louisefili
09 Dec, 2019