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With my range being taken out by the flood. This is the only thing I can pew now. It shoots technic blocks.... #remingtontoys #remington #christmaspresent #pewpewlife #abbotsfordmultigun #abbotsfordfishandgame #teamwhiterice #remington870 #remington...
25 Nov, 2021
Crappy food lighting season is in full swing. But anyway, this is how you make a hibachi style stir fry when your kid doesn't like things mixed. Mine is doused in spicy peanut sauce. #paleodiet #teamwhiterice #glutenfree
22 Nov, 2021
Mid week meal prep. Italian seasoned chicken, @inagarten greek salad, #teamwhiterice with @kerrygoldusa butter. . . . . . . #italianchicken #inagarten @storeboughtisfine #paleoish #mantequilla #greeksalad #mealprep @workweeklunch #thevuseat
03 Nov, 2021
Is switching to brown rice “must do” swap for your health?⁠ ⁠ Short answer: NO!! Absolutely not! YOU CAN EAT WHITE RICE!⁠ ⁠ Long answer: still no!! If you check out the nutrient comparison, you will see that the two are VERY similar. ⁠ ⁠ All rice is made ...
07 Oct, 2021
Look at this beautiful orange chicken I made following @paleorunningmomma recipe on her website! It's amazingly flavorful and look at how crisp the skin is on that chicken!! I was also super proud of myself as this is a make what you have meal so I had al...
22 Sep, 2021
STEW CHICKEN/ WHITE RICE ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ For now you’ll only be seeing white rice until I master the rice n peas world but comment down below if your team WHITE RICE or team RICE N PEAS I’m team white rice tho especially with curry stuff & stew chicken.. fri...
30 Aug, 2021
To all our fellow carb lovers, are you #TeamBiryani or #TeamWhiteRice?
27 Aug, 2021
Team white rice,are you there? My love for rice though. Whatever shade and color of the rice, I am all for it. For your yummy meals, we are here for you. Just Send a DM and let's get talking. #teamwhiterice #ricelover #nigerianmeals #foodies #homekitch...
26 Aug, 2021
POPULAR BLOG POST: One of the basic tenets of the Paleo Diet is that it's 100% grain-free. So why are all the paleo Instagram feeds filling up with #teamwhiterice photos? In this post, I delve into the pros and cons of this favored grain in the paleo comm...
25 Aug, 2021
Saturdays are for Wedding Parties/Owambe
21 Aug, 2021
The internet is always fighting over whether food quantity (calories) or food quality (whole foods) is more important. You need to understand both because choosing whole foods vs. processed food actually influences how much we eat. I want all my my clie...
28 Jul, 2021
#thevuseat sweet and sour pork, rice. This one is from @marionskitchen Easy and delicious. . . . . . . . . . #sweetandsourpork #marionskitchen #teamwhiterice #porkbelly #vinegar #homemade #pork #veggies
08 Jun, 2021
@hiimmrdave made this! I’m so proud of him for wanting to be more proactive in helping prepare meals for our family while I’m in school. He made pulled pork carnitas in the instant pot, cilantro lime rice, shredded raw cheese and crispy tortillas for taco...
29 May, 2021
Spoiler: They are both good options.
03 May, 2021
Mayak Eggs (Korean Marinated Eggs) for #meatlessmonday & am I ever glad I gave these a shot. : So good! So flavourful! So easy! @cookerru for the recipe
26 Apr, 2021
A simple but oh so satisfying mixed bowl for supper last night. Simple ground beef with minimal ingredients cooked until crispy, roasted veggies (I did cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts) and micro greens from @microyyc on a bed of romaine and spi...
26 Apr, 2021