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Unmasked. That’s how I felt the first time I gallivanted the globe solo. I’ve always been the girl who ebbed and flowed with the busyness of my cluttered reality. Too centered on others’ perceptions of me that I neglected my own entitlement to an opinion....
17 Apr, 2020
Have I told you guys about my Albion collection? I hated my name as a kid, but now I find it fun, especially because I stumble on it all over the world. I’m hoping to add some more Albions this year—these are just a handful I’ve found over the years. Lond...
16 Jan, 2020
Olomouc Czech Republic Travel: Get off the beaten path in the Czech Republic and read what I as a local recommend you to do in the lovely Olomouc, a hidden gem of Baroque architecture. See one of the most beautiful cities in Europe just 2 hours away from ...
07 Jan, 2020
20 Nov, 2019
Visiting Prague in Winter: There is no bad time to visit Prague. Although Prague can get very cold in winter, the snow brings a magical white blanket to the city and it is much quieter than other times of the year. Here are some suggestions for what to do...
19 Nov, 2019