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03 Apr, 2019
03 Apr, 2019
Maybe I’m bad at the Sabbath? I woke with an essay chasing me so I got dressed and slipped out of our condo before the sunrise and drove to the closest, open coffee shop and wrote. ### I worked on the essay and it took a turn I didn’t expect. But that’s...
31 Mar, 2019
Rory's Story Cubes – Giddy Goat Toys
08 Mar, 2019
Dentro de cada bolsa hay una historia...¡Descúbrela! #storycubes #wood #dados #madera #historias #juegos #diy #present #gift #regalos #originales
03 Feb, 2019
Stories enliven us, unite us, and can be a cure for the feelings of loneliness and isolation we all struggle with at times. ### If you’d like to receive interesting, curated, story-centric content in your inbox, consider subscribing to my email newslette...
03 Jan, 2019
Aplicaciones para gamificar. Tics para clase Herramientas online para crear materiales #spanishteacher #profedeele
07 Dec, 2018
Holaaaa a [email protected]!!!! Una vez hecho mi juego de Expresión Oral y llevado a la práctica ya puedo subirlo y decir que ha sido todo un éxito. El juego lo he realizado para trabajar la Expresión Oral y la Disfemia, cada uno lo puede utilizar según sus objetivos...
08 Nov, 2018
Ken jij de storycubes of ook wel verhalendobbelstenen al? Nee? Het zijn dobbelstenen met plaatjes erop. Je kunt ze in verschillende thema’s krijgen onder andere bij Ik heb ze zelf vaak op tafel liggen in de therapieruimte. Waarvoor kun je storycu...
01 Aug, 2018
Using Merge Cubes for AR STORYCUBES PROJECT - Intuition UK
01 Jun, 2018
Gamewright TGMW-12 Rory's Story Cubes
10 Feb, 2018
It's official. The Church Street Coffee and Books book giveaway of *Three New Books* for February for my email newsletter subscribers is Kate Bowler's EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON AND OTHER LIES I'VE LOVED. Subscribe to my email newsletter via charlott...
08 Feb, 2018
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08 Feb, 2018
I’m honored to interview poet Ashley Jones @cityofawoman in the latest Story Cures Interview about reading, writing, creativity, and grace. Link in profile. ### #reading #writing #creativity #grace #storycures #poet #poetry
31 Jan, 2018
Another Story Cures Interview is online at {Link in profile.} I’m so glad to host @inkstainedlife and her words on #reading #writing #creativity and #grace . #storycures
16 Jan, 2018
I’m thrilled to have T. Marie King share her thoughts on reading, writing, creativity, and grace in The Story Cures Interview. {Link in profile.} #reading #writing #creativity #grace #storycures
09 Jan, 2018
I’ve been working on defining Story Cures and this is the latest and greatest. Maybe it will stick? At some point I’m just going to have to say, “yes, this is what it is and I’m done with the revisions” because revisions can last forever if we don’t cut o...
06 Jan, 2018
My pre-new-client-breakfast-meeting-Starbucks-selfie on my son’s 13th birthday. I’m so thankful for Brady and am so glad he was born. I’m also happy my kids are older now. It makes pursuing more outside my family way easier. I’m sitting in the Vestavia St...
04 Jan, 2018
The Story Cures Interview: Anna Nash @anna.nash ### Announcing The Story Cures Interview series! Every Tuesday (most Tuesdays?) I'm going to post someone's answers to the same five questions about reading, writing, creativity, and grace. The first interv...
02 Jan, 2018