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Batching tie dye? Does anyone have experience with doing crystal/ice tie dye in batches? Specifically a white shirt in a blue ice/crystal dye like [this]( It’s be for a small-ish run for my clothing brand, m...
28 May, 2020
Printing on Jacket with Nylon Fill? Are we able to screen print onto jackets that have a nylon fill? I am trying to find a heavy duty workwear style jacket I can print on the chest and back and not having much luck. Here are the 2 top choices my client ha...
25 Nov, 2019
Premium Bella Canvas T-Shirt Colors I thought it would be helpful to everyone to put together a designer guide for those using the premium shirts on Merch. Based on the fabric details of the premium shirts on Merch, it appears they are using the Bella Can...
06 Jul, 2018
I'm nosey! But an excellent finder.
05 Mar, 2011
I'm nosey! But an excellent finder.
02 Mar, 2011