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There are no limits with Speaking Roses! And Mauricio Harker, a Speaking Roses licensee in Colombia, has shown us how true this is! Mauricio has designed and created a new line of Speaking Roses products for his store in Colombia. We are inspired by his ...
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Pink roses. pink dresses. pink bracelets. Photography by Katelyn James / katelynjames.com, Floral Design by Lenox Hill Florist
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Today is United States Coast Guard Day, and Speaking Roses would like to express our thanks to all the men and women who work to protect and serve on the seas. www.speakingroses.com
Not only is today the end of the world (although this has been disproved by Nasa...), it's also the first day of winter! www.speakingroses.com
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Happy Birthday To Garfield! Do you think he had lasagna instead of birthday cake? www.speakingroses.com
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September is Classical Music Month! Which musician do you prefer: Beethoven or Bach? www.speakingroses.com
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