ArborFest North East 2018: Presented by SHERRILLtree
SHERRILLtree ArborFest NE 2018.
12 Jul, 2018
SHERRILLtree's Brandon Nance gives a quick overview out the X-RIGGING SafeBloc. Designed by David Driver, who also brought the X-Rigging Rings to the ...
05 May, 2016
SHERRILLtree Big Launcher
The New SherrillTree Big Launcher is the latest addition to our Big Shot Line Launcher range. The Big Launcher uses a blank cartridge to launch specifically ...
19 Jan, 2016
SherrillTree Video Series: Designing Rigging Systems
SherrillTree demonstrates how to design and build balanced rigging systems to protect the tree. Learn more at: http://www.treeviews.com/
17 Aug, 2015
SherrillTree Video Series: Climbing Techniques
SherrillTree shows the right way to incorporate a friction saver into a tree climbing system. Learn more at: http://www.treeviews.com/
27 Jul, 2015
The BackBone from SHERRILLtree
The BackBone makes more efficient rigging possible, as a quick connection between your spliced rigging line and slings. Perfect for top-down rigging, as well as ...
01 Jun, 2015
Climbing System Pulleys
This video gives a brief introduction to three commonly used pulleys for your climbing system. In this video we talk about 2 pulleys from CMI, the micro pulley and ...
14 Jul, 2014
SherrillTree Spray Rig Information
SherrillTree Spray Rigs with custom graphics are not just a tool to get your spray application jobs done, but also an invaluable marketing asset that pays for itself ...
21 Oct, 2013
ROOK Triple Attachment Swivel Pulley by SherrillTree & Rock Exotica
The ROOK triple attachment swivel pulley is a new tool designed by SherrillTree and built by Rock Exotica. This rope bridge pulley in a word is -- Versatility!
10 Sep, 2013
13" Thresher Hand Saw from SherrillTree
A fresh take on a classic design, this saw has some new features to appease the modern arborist and old schoolers alike. The handle is laminated Birch with a ...
09 Sep, 2013
Tri-Guardâ„¢ by SherrillTree Assembly
This heavy-duty durable debris containment barrier is a great solution for controlling chips when grinding stumps and chipping brush. The three-panel system is ...
30 Aug, 2012
Sherrilltree Klein Fall Arrest Harness Tips
Tim Bushnell explains how to put the Klein Fall arrest Harness on and how to remove it. http://www.sherrilltree.com.
11 Aug, 2010
How to Use Loopie Slings in Tree Rigging by SherrillTree
Scott Prophett & Tim Bushnell show us the many uses of the Loopie by SherrillTree. Incuding using the loopie and a block as a false crotch. The Loopie is an ...
16 Jun, 2010
The Spider Leg Balancer in Tree Limb Removal
Certified Arborist Scott Prophett shows us why and how to use the Spider Leg balancer for limb removal made by SherrillTree http://www.sherrilltree.com.
16 Jun, 2010
Installing an Eye Sling in a Rigging Block and Attaching to a Tree.
Certified Arborist Scott Prophett helps us install an eye sling & rigging block to a tree two different ways: with a cow hitch or a timber hitch.
15 Jun, 2010
Inventer and Trainer Scott Prophett talks about the Port-A-Wrap. www.sherrilltree.com.
15 Jun, 2010

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