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223 lbs. Down from 236 lbs a week ago. As my weight can vary 3 lbs day to day I don't consider it much of a change until I get down by six lbs (suggesting a new "default weight" was achieved.) I also messed up several days last week and didn't take my fo...
29 Mar, 2020
So this pew was inspired by one I saw @rogue_engineer and thought it would be cool to make. This is the “wedding pew” because the wood I used to build it was recycled from the platform (in the pool) we built for my neighbor’s wedding. Today it went full c...
28 Mar, 2020
DIY Outdoor Wine Caddy Plans - Free Plans | #OutdoorWineCaddy #OutdoorDIYplans #WoodworkingProjectsAdvanced
24 Mar, 2020
Let's get the benches started! #jjwoodworksatx #farmhousedecor #diyhomedecor #supportlocalbusiness #atx #woodworking #rogueengineer
23 Mar, 2020
#DIY Star Decor via @rogueengineer // #diy #woodworking #woodworkingtips #woodworkingprojects #woodworkingforbeginners #woodworkinggifts #handmadegifts #homedecor #woodenstar #FineWoodworking19thCentury
23 Mar, 2020
I was sent this picture... Can you guess what this client wants ??? . . . . If you guessed a kitchen island you would be correct!!! Now to do some research Who do I goto to find plans?? 1 #rogueengineer 2 #annawhiteplans 3 #shanty2chic
22 Mar, 2020
The 6’ Bar Top Console Table based on 9’ plans from @rogue_engineer is finished. Yesterday I decided to add two corner braces in the back for extra support (last picture), so this sucker is solid. You may remember that, as careful as I try to be with cons...
20 Mar, 2020
Free DIY Bunk Bed Plans & Ideas that Will Save a Lot of Bedroom SpaceFind triple bunk bed cape town only on this page2x4 Bunk Bed » Rogue Engineersimple-diy-2x4-bunk-bed -Free DIY Plans | SimpleDiy2x4BunkBed DecorDIYplansFree DIY Bunk Be...
20 Mar, 2020
The poly did a really nice job deepening the tones and the grays and browns are sooooo pretty! I will attach the top and then decide if I need to add some diagonals in the back for a bit of extra sturdiness. For those who may not have been following along...
18 Mar, 2020
Ultimate DIY Workstation Plans - Free Plans | #Workstation #GarageDIYplans #WoodworkingFurnitureApartmentTherapy
18 Mar, 2020
Bar Top Console Table update is that the base is completely finished. The poly took way longer than I anticipated and made me wish I had a sprayer. I waited until too late in the day for any chance at good lighting, but wanted to throw a few pictures up. ...
17 Mar, 2020
Here is a Bar Top Console Table update, with less than stellar pictures. I stained it all with @weatherwash Pined and the result is pretty cool. Weatherwash reacts to the tannins in the wood and apparently, the boards I used had very different reactions. ...
16 Mar, 2020
I used many clamps, and even clamped the top to the workbench for this glue-up. I may have done a little happy dance this morning when it laid completely flat on the base. I will spend a good chunk of time sanding (when it warms up a bit more) but I think...
14 Mar, 2020
Made a bit of sawdust (was wearing a mask while working)! The whoopied 2x10 is gone (thank you, Tim, for the table saw assist) and the replacement 2x6 boards are planed, jointed and preliminary sanded. Hoping to get some staining and glueing done today, b...
13 Mar, 2020
DIY Lego Tray - Free & Easy Plans | #LegoTray #BabyChildDIYPlans #WoodProjectsForSchool
10 Mar, 2020
Well, looks like I’ll be building a new top before I even put this one on. I know the pros and cons of “construction grade” lumber, so I really tried to choose well. I planed and rested the boards, filled all the small holes with CA glue and jointed befor...
10 Mar, 2020
When I took this picture yesterday, I was feeling defeated. The holes I drilled for the pipe foot rest were slightly too small and I spent a good chunk of the day sanding til the pipe fit. I didn’t want the pipe to slide around so erred on the small side,...
09 Mar, 2020
Even though it was low 30s and quite breezy this morning, I got an early start. I rolled my #workshoponwheels into the driveway and did a ton of sanding! The Bar Top Console Table Top is ready for @weatherwash and I played more with some walnut boards. Ti...
08 Mar, 2020

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