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Could this hold about a thousand pounds? Edit: Scrapping the idea. Everyone has excellent questions and suggestions and I no longer consider this "reasonably safe". I'm leaving this up, so feel free to keep commenting - the discussion is great! ​ ...
22 Sep, 2022
5 years ago we made this entertainment center for the first time!
25 Jul, 2022
Watching the volatility of lumber prices has been driving me nuts.
14 Jul, 2022
Two hearts- corner shelf for me lady; classic repurposing roadside find wood to include a dresser drawer face, after measurement design ran each piece through the planner, sanded at 120grit, pre drilled & counter sunk screw holes, freehand route red the t...
06 Jul, 2022
I think I'm going to attempt to build this bar for my garage, as kind of a first project. Any tips? Link to plans: I think I'll just pick the wood up at Home Depot, and have them cut it and rent all the tools....
26 Jun, 2022
Working on some porch planters thanks to designs from #rogueengineer still some work to do but fun Saturday project! #tigandberry
18 Jun, 2022
Alternatives to ECS Tuning and their subsidiaries Here is a list of alternatives to ECS, Turner, Pelican, BAV that was created based on what members of this page suggested in the comments and posts. Some of these vendors have owners and/or employees on th...
24 May, 2022
Made us a new bench for our fire pit in progress! All reclaimed wood from one of our piles, some of these boards being from our old porch from almost 10 years ago! Shout out to @rogue_engineer for easy to follow supply and cut lists, diagrams, and directi...
18 Mar, 2022
Why buy a birthday gift when you can build one? My mom has been secretly eying our porch swing and this is the only way I can guarantee she never snags ours
12 Mar, 2022
Throwing it back almost exactly two years with this bar top table my good friend asked me to build. It’s based on plans by @rogue_engineer with some dimensional adjustments and a three board vs two board top. I remember that the half lap X sides were a ch...
10 Mar, 2022
Rogue engineer
Rogue engineer bruh I'm getting better at the madness animations this program is drawing cartoons 2.
08 Jan, 2022
r/RogueEngineers Lounge A place for members of r/RogueEngineers to chat with each other
23 Dec, 2021
Swinging Bench for the kids’ secret spot in the woods, a place to go for what we call a nature break. The swinging bench design is an experimental amalgam of the @rogue_engineer chairs and benches I have been building one-on-one with students. Our generou...
09 Nov, 2021
A pair of his & hers Adirondack chairs made from reclaimed cedar( Manitoba Hydro poles). Ready for a new home. Cedar slabs from Neil Friesen. #rogueengineer #sienci #madeinmanitoba
09 Sep, 2021
A new version of the Adirondack chair. Design by #rogueengineer . In reclaimed cedar milled by Neil Friesen. #sienci #madeinmanitoba Ready for a new home now or with a matching chair.
29 Aug, 2021
A Clean, Trackable Build ('98 M3) ​ [Stock M3 bought last year]( Hey All, Just looking for validation/thoughts as I m...
11 Aug, 2021
I built this bench a year ago and in this video I show you how I finish my outdoor furniture. Visit the link in my bio. Built after watching @rogue_engineer
08 Aug, 2021
I built this bench a year ago and in this video I show you how I finish my outdoor furniture. Visit the link in my bio. Built after watching @rogue_engineer
08 Aug, 2021
Sofa bar table completed. Take a look at my journey of building this table and barstools from scratch. Thanks for the cool idea to add to our living room @k_sea_91
01 Aug, 2021