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It's been 2 years since I've built this piece and still one of my favorites! This is a design by @rogue_engineer and one of the first non-table builds I made. I learned a lot from this build and loved how it turned out! Was able to give it to my mother-in...
13 Nov, 2019
Took advantage of the nice weather and got most of our clients table base built ! @rogue_engineer plans helped our lap joints be precise and easy !!!! Thankful for that #furnitureplans #rogueengineer #farmhousekitchen #farmhouse #farmhousefurniture #kit...
10 Nov, 2019
#TBT The first project that came out of the new shop, my nephew’s changing table. Plans from @rogue_engineer Coming up on a year being in the new house, looking forward to many more projects ahead! #torchtimberandtinker #woodworking #changingtable #stain ...
07 Nov, 2019
Another church pew bench completed. #rogueengineer , #woodworking , #farmhousefurniture , #porchdecor @erica_perugino_greco
31 Oct, 2019
After four years at Verco Materials manufacturing ceramic rifle protection, I made it to the IACP conference in Chicago!
27 Oct, 2019
Built this church pew for our entry. What do you think!? #buildlikeagirl #ryobitoolsusa #rogueengineer #kregjig
24 Oct, 2019
Are you still doing woodwork??? Yes, yes I am! I received a request for an entertainment center, the timing worked out, the design was fun and I think the end result was quite good too! #entertainmentcenter #rogueengineer
23 Oct, 2019
Quick Work !! I hate these teams but their owner doesn’t !! Thanks sis @hair_by_natalie13 y’all enjoy your losing ass teams
17 Oct, 2019
#TBT (Swipe) #TBT to my first Church Pew. At this point I had very limited tools, but made it happen. Find these plans at the @rogue_engineer website. Jamison makes great plans that allow anyone to create no matter their skill level &/or tools at hand. #t...
11 Oct, 2019
First pic, where idea came from. Two and three are the result. I'll add more when new owners put it in their house. Thanks to #shanty2chic and #rogueengineer for sharing the plans.
10 Oct, 2019
I've posted progress pics of the table before. We're finally in the house so here it is (mostly) assembled and with someone's decorations on it. Its the Rekourt Dining table from @rogue_engineer/@jenwoodhouse/@anawhitediy. I did make the X pieces to go be...
05 Oct, 2019
Being able to work with great friends and wonderful people is a blessing. I am so grateful for @rogue_engineer and all of our fans and subscribers. Here is the IG Trailer for the Hover Cart. For full plans, full videos, and tons of DIY information, visit ...
28 Sep, 2019
So many pedestal options for round tables!! And there are many more than this of course!! #shanty2chic #anawhite #rogueengineer #buildlikeagirl #smallbusiness #familybusiness #madeinamerica #southernillinois #notchicago #clintoncountyil #teenytinyworkshop...
08 Sep, 2019
@therogueenergy USE PROMOCODE : beastmode876 INGORE TAGS
23 Aug, 2019
Use code - 110gaming at checkout for 45%off on that item or 10% any other item!!!![ use it now ]
20 Aug, 2019
I cut the cedar for the top and drawer (the top piece for the drawer front needs to be ripped down). I’m trying to decide between staining or just oiling it for a natural look. I’m planning cedar accent pieces for the cabinet doors, but will wait til the ...
15 Aug, 2019
Update: I walked away from it for a few hours and pondered. I decided to move the drawer slide pieces on the drawer (the pieces attached to the buffet were fine) and move the divider. It took a few tries on the slides, and I have some touch up to do, but ...
14 Aug, 2019
I think I need to start a #whatdidimessupwednesday hashtag. I brought the cabinet doors in to see how they would look and [email protected]#, the small one is 1/2” too tall. I know I double checked the big doors, I somehow must have skipped the small door. Tim and I ta...
14 Aug, 2019
Project Media Center is complete. We were originally going to use a shade of grey. However, when we saw the Thundering Cloud from @valsparpaint we changed our minds. We love the color, don't you? I first saw this design on the @shanty2chic website which ...
14 Aug, 2019
Finished the project last night.
13 Aug, 2019

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