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Feral cat house- “Winter is Coming”; built solid from only scrap wood (pine), kregg jig used to assemble 2x4s for base & top, 1x6s for walls, 1x4s for lid, got a lil’ artsy with cherry “cat tail” for lid handle, 1x1x1 scraps of repurposed mahogany deck wo...
26 Sep, 2020
I threw together a nice little desk for our turds at the house. Hopefully some people will order a few through Facebook Marketplace, we'll see. Found the design on Pinterest and bought the plans from @rogue_engineer. Gotta support the makers. It's a nice...
25 Sep, 2020
My husband and I made 2 of these cute bedside tables using the Simple Square Side Table DIY plans by @rogue_engineer ! Love how it turned out
25 Sep, 2020
When your wife's latest COVID hobby begins to take over the house it's time to give the jars a home and try a new technique. #jellycabinet #rogueengineer #charred #amateurwoodworker #covidprojects
18 Sep, 2020
***STOOLS*** . . The stools are now in their new home today! The clients said they are sturdy, comfy, and the perfect height! . . Side note: this particular client has about 10 of our pieces now. Gotta love repeat clients! . . #barstools #interiordesign ...
22 Aug, 2020
***STOOLS*** . . These sturdy stools are modeled from @rogue_engineer ‘s plans! After a couple coats of poly, they will be ready for their new home! . . #stools #island #kitchenisland #interiordesign #rogueengineer #kregjig #customstain #friday #woodworki...
21 Aug, 2020