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Exámenes orales #RICT1819 #groups and #individuals
22 May, 2019
Thanks to all the people who visited us at the fair, it has been a great pleasure!
17 May, 2019
Photos of our fair! #fairy #rict1819
14 May, 2019
Here it is the qr we created for the fair. In it, you can find useful information about our activities and some demonstration videos You can find it also through this link: Have a nice weekend! #RICT1819
11 May, 2019
Our great experience in the fair!!! #rict1819
09 May, 2019
This has been a great experience, full of feedback from our mates, teachers and other students from different faculties. We've learnt, we've had fun, we've worked... everything as a team. Let's keep on working this hard!
08 May, 2019
So happy with our work!
08 May, 2019
A bit of our activities in the fair!! #RICT1819 #annualfair #fair
08 May, 2019
A brief summary of the artifacts we have created for the fair #RICT1819
07 May, 2019
#rict1819 groups working!! #activICTfair
07 May, 2019
It is my privilege to be working with this people. After the #activITCfair with #rict1819 great Job!
07 May, 2019
We are very proud of the work done by our colleagues!! We are the best #rict1819
07 May, 2019
Are textbooks really beneficial for keeping them as the main base of learning in the 21st century classrooms? Discover it in our Twitter account (@Sixinone6in1) or in our blog, the link is in the bio! We hope you like it!
05 May, 2019
Do you know that textbooks has its dark side? Let’s have a look at our timeline in Twitter in which we analyse this issue. #RICT1819
03 May, 2019
We have finally decided to do a Twitter timeline in order to have another social network. The information will reach easily to more people. You can find us on Twitter @Squadragroup1 #RICT1819
03 May, 2019
When they create their own spaces to show/explore their job #rict1819 #thedarksideoftextbooks #galleries
01 May, 2019
Back from our spaces #rict1819 #galleries #darksideoftextbooks
01 May, 2019
This is how our infographic looks like right now. We have just improve it. We hope you like it. We will update it to our blog before Saturday if you want to see it better. #rict1819
30 Apr, 2019

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