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As tomorrow is Lincolnshire Day I thought I'd share a #thursdaythrowback of one of my pieces that incorporates Lincolnshire's RAF heritage. This piece, entitled 'Kipper' tells the unusual story of RAF Scampton's unlikely mascot Kipper the tortoise and is...
30 Sep, 2021
With Lincolnshire being the proud home of many RAF regiments and the counties RAF history stretching from the Dam Busters through to the Red Arrows, it is not unusual that we are asked to frame military items. Here we have a display that we completed rece...
28 Sep, 2021
Rock n Roll - The observant among you will say these are not microlight pilots or planes . Well no but they may want to be
04 Sep, 2021
The engines running at full chat. She wants to come home #bbmf #rafconingsby #raflincolnshire
12 Aug, 2021
Wickenby plan overlay. #wickenby #plan #overlay #wickenbyairfield #raf #rafwickenby #raflincolnshire #raflincoln #bombercommand #bombercounty #ww2aviation #ww2 #ww2aviationhistory #worldwar2 #historylovers #history
24 Jun, 2021
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18 Jun, 2021
What's that you say? You're looking for a unique Father's Day gift that incorporates Lincolnshire's RAF heritage? Well look no further! I still have a small number of signed and numbered limited edition giclee prints available, featuring the story of RAF...
10 Jun, 2021
Back in stock! Once these have gone they have gone! We have limited number left of each design! £9 each - framed prints! #lancaster #lancasterbomber #bombercounty #theredarrows #theredarrowsdisplayteam #spitfire #spitfireplane #vulcan #vulcanplane #raflin...
24 May, 2021
TREAT OF THE WEEK After the success of last weeks treat of the week I thought I would do a new one.... This Thursday only indulge in the perfect energy healer Hopi ear candling with proven benefits such as help with Hay fever, snoring, sinus issues, str...
22 May, 2021
SWIPE FOR AFTER ➡️ The original callus peel... results after one treatment!!! The original callus peel softens the skin so that the dry and hard skin can be scraped off then filed and moisturised. Balls or heels of foot - £20 Whole foot - £25 Add gel...
20 May, 2021
HENNA BROWS Get the perfect brow definition with henna brows. Henna tints the skin beneath the brow aswell as the hair making the brow appear fuller and more defined. The results should last between 4-6 weeks. During the process we map the brows to g...
15 May, 2021