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2 Paula Young Ryan Wigs 2012 vs 2018 & an Eyeshadow Palette
paulayoungwigs #ryansyntheticwig #blondes #24/24 #14/26A Ryan wig: ...
01 Dec, 2018
Paula Young Dance Wig ~ Collab With Barb, Take Control Central Beauty Styling and More
paulayoung #dancewig #platinumglow #maturebeauty #collaboration Barb's video: Cindy's video: ...
06 Nov, 2018
NEW! Paula Young Ada Wig in Swedish Blonde ~ November 2018
paulayoung #versafiber #syntheticwig #ada #swedishblonde #athletican ...
03 Nov, 2018
New! Paula Young Victoria Whisperlite Wig ~ Swedish Blonde
VEGASSTRONG #PaulaYoung #Victoria Paula Young Victoria: ...
14 Sep, 2018
My New Wigs from Paula Young
These are two of my favorite wigs from Paula Young. I do suffer from Alopecia Universalis, so I wear wigs regularly. It helps prevent people from assuming I have ...
09 Sep, 2018
Paula Young SEXY Jamie Lynn Versafiber Wig ~ August 2018
VEGASSTRONG #PaulaYoung Paula Young Jamie Lynn: ...
18 Aug, 2018
Paula Young Claire WhisperLite Wig 14/26A ~ $39.99 ~ Review!
Claire wig: ...
24 Jul, 2018
Paula Young Dallas Wig 14/26A ~ Beachy Waves! ...
21 Jul, 2018
Paula Young Aleeza Wig in 14/26A
Paula Young Aleeza wig $24.99: #VEGASSTRONG Turn your wig into a topper!
17 Jul, 2018
Sheer Heidi Couture Collection Paula Young Wig Review
I Purchased is the lady straight from Paul Young online. She is a hand tied whisper lite (to me it should also be called a comfort cap) lace front wig. Style A5416 ...
10 Jun, 2018
Dallas Wig Review
My evaluation of the Dallas wig from
12 Oct, 2017
Wig Review Gill from Paula Young in color Flame Rooted
Gill is a breezy bob with beachy waves in heat-stylable synthetic fiber called VersaFiber. Fun and flirty! $79.99 So what do you think? Old lady wig or sassy ...
29 Jun, 2017
ASMR, No Talking, Paula Young Wigs Catalog, Turning Pages, Crinkling, Just in Time for Mothers Day!
Vlog 362 (Best enjoyed when wearing headphones). Simply a lovely catalog. This company has been around for many many years. I can remember seeing their ...
04 May, 2016
Wig Review - Taylor by Paula Young
Wig Review - Taylor by Paula Young Color - Pecan Delight 8/12A a medium brown with subtle golden brown highlights Very nice synthetic long bob. Reminds ...
05 Mar, 2016
Paula Young, Wig Review - Emerald
Paula Young Dynasty Hairstyles by Joan Collins Emerald #C9021 $89.99 Shown in: Exclusive Color 50-60H Vibrant Gray My husband calls it, "Platinum"!
14 Jan, 2016
My Experience with Paula Young Flirty Wig
Mary Reynolds reviews her pros and cons about the "Flirty" wig by Paula Young, color code: 513/14. Thanks for watching the video and please subscribe to my ...
15 Dec, 2015

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