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I took a stroll through the memory lanes, the deeper I went, the foggy it became, as if I was falling through ths clouds desperately trying to get hold of something. Like sand slipping through my fingers, I could feel it, but could not hold it. #unedited ...
31 Mar, 2020
How often do you re-visit your own riffs/songs in different tunings? This one is originally in A standard but here it’s in B. Sounded quite sharp, not sure if i liked it or not. Also the playability was a lot more challanging, might be a good way to exerc...
29 Mar, 2020
Pokrzywa zwyczajna (urtica dioica) W moim ogrodzie ma takie same prawa jak kwiaty. Jest chyba jednym z najbardziej pożytecznych ziół (tak ziół, nie chwastów), które mamy na wyciągnięcie ręki. Zawiera mnóstwo witamin i minerałów i ma bardzo szerokie zastos...
29 Mar, 2020
28 Mar, 2020
Take an art break and escape to Museum of Outdoor Arts’ past exhibitions. Take a walk through the majestic #NaturaObscura; explore Daniel Sprick’s Painting Out-of-Doors & more. All tours can be found at Thank you, @outdoorarts, for the cre...
27 Mar, 2020
Tulipany... jeszcze chwila a zakwitną
26 Mar, 2020
Sometimes walking into the weird and curious leads to wonderfully obscure adventures #naturaobscura #museumofoutdoorarts #cabinetofcuriosities
25 Mar, 2020
There’s been some talk. Some talk of wealth over health. Some talk of impatience, driven by greed. There have been people saying that their ability to “get back to normal” is more important than the lives of others. People saying that the elderly don’t ca...
24 Mar, 2020
Szafirki... I
20 Mar, 2020
Time machine. * * * #timemachine #art #travelingthroughtime #future #past #present #artinstallation #naturaobscura #hereandnow #surreal #timeisanillusion #now #steampunk #steampunkart
16 Mar, 2020
Cloud aesthetic...☁️
16 Mar, 2020
Natura Obscura! Loved this interactive art exhibit #naturaobscura#art#coloradoart#englewoodcolorado
16 Mar, 2020
Words cannot describe what an honor it was to experience this art installation. It's more that. Seeing the beauty of inspiration from nature that these artists have put together is just something everyone needs to do for themselves. The pictures do not gi...
08 Mar, 2020
With the roaring success of #NaturaObscura last year, I was very curious to see what @prismajic had in store for its sequel project @shikidreams . I fully expect this exhibit to be just as popular and made sure I was able to secure a very early ticket so ...
07 Mar, 2020
Awesome exhibit!! #prismajic #shikidreams #naturaobscura #artindenver #feedyoursoul #thingsthatmatter
02 Mar, 2020
If you missed the popular immersive exhibit #NaturaObscura, the creators have launched a sequel. @shikidreams from @prismajic takes you on a journey through the seasons in a new location. Head to the link in bio to learn more.
27 Feb, 2020
En mi corazón habita un fuego que contiene la memoria de todo lo que es. Cuando estoy en silencio,en mi y conmigo, lo puedo mirar. -La mujer lunar.
26 Feb, 2020
Tuesday, February 25, through Monday, May 25, the creators of @naturaob Prismajic, have created a new immersive art pop-up experience, @shikidreams at 2219 E. 21st Ave. The experience features a 1,200-square-foot pop-up with works from 20 Colorado-based a...
26 Feb, 2020
First look at #shikidreams !! Don’t miss it. It won’t be up long! #naturaobscura
21 Feb, 2020
Hasta que no obtengas una playera tan MÁGICA como tú,no la compres #NaturaObscura @natura_obscura #Retrograde #Magic #Witch #WidoWitch #BrujaViuda
16 Feb, 2020