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Rivalle facial expressions by on @deviantART
Part 8
Heichou's kiss by on @deviantART
Levi's® – ein Kult für alle Fälle! Seit 1873 begeistert DIE Denim-Marke schlechthin mit beliebten Jeans-Klassikern und innovativer Streetwear für jeden Tag. Lässige, natürliche Basics und stylische Trends finden modebewusste Männer natürlich auch in ...
i don't know who wrote this , but thank u so much *-* i will never feel bad about my eyes again
Levi Ackerman, well I definitely know who they were looking at as a reference to draw this, Jared Padaleki!^~^
Happy Birthday Levi .. youve been a good boy this year and Santa has given you a box full of EREN !!! (and toys!!) Have fun!!!
Levi Ackerman/Rivaille | Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan
The Getup: The Whiskey Bar & Exclusive 20% Off at | Primer
Captain Levi is not short by on @DeviantArt
Casual Friday. Blogger Rocío Osorno wears vintage Levi's with a grey pullover sweatshirt and tan booties.
The Getup: Watching the Game at the Bar & Exclusive 20% Off at - Primer
The Getup: Fall Casual & Exclusive 20% Off at | Primer
The Getup: The Whiskey Bar & Exclusive 20% Off at
In yo face Mikasa!!no offense to the eren x mikasa shippers,but i ship eren x levi!!!!
Petra X Levi ; If someone can do that for me........I would probably do the same thing Levi did to her.
The Getup: Fall Beach Weekend & Exclusive 20% Off at
Levi can smile? by on @DeviantArt
El título dedicado a la canción que me ha inspirado Facebook:… Tumblr:
I have seen a lot of artworks from this artist BUT SOMEONE TELL ME HIS NAME XDDD

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