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With Christmas around the corner, it's never too late to send a gift card
20 Dec, 2022
Vintage mannequin style left hand ring holder with long, slim fingers. Tried a compare and contrast with my hand and it made mine look like a shovel.
19 Dec, 2022
Nothing is easy in cricket. Maybe when you watch it on TV, it looks easy. But it is not. You have to use your brain and time the ball......... #cricketlovers #cricketer #yuvrajsingh #lefthandersday
18 Dec, 2022
Hi everyone, last date for receiving your orders in New Zealand before Christmas is this week. Get in quick. Go to
11 Dec, 2022
是時候被看見了! #詩寫 #練字 #手寫 #左撇子 #短詩 #台灣文學 #名言 #網路金句 #練習 #繁體字 #lefthanded #lefthandersday #ipad #ipadwriting #poem
08 Dec, 2022
Me-specific user boxes!! Part 2! I really don’t want people to get upset at me for adding trigger warnings this time, even if it might not be needed it’d rather let people know and make them feel safe then make people uncomfortable by adding something th...
02 Dec, 2022
For all your left-hand Christmas presents, visit
29 Nov, 2022
24 Nov, 2022
Ursprünglich sollte es heut ein anderes Thema werden, aber inspiriert durch @held_innenwerkstatt empfand ich folgenden Beitrag als bedeutungsvoller. Gerade für unsere Kinder und deren Schulphase ist es wichtig, dass wir Erwachsenen uns im Bereich Linksh...
23 Nov, 2022
Shopping spree!! The first 10,000 users add my INS →→ @lakishamasn69 ←← and get a free pair of branded slippers #lefkoşa #leftist #lefthandedcalligraphy #lefthanded #lefthandpath #leftrightleft #left4dead2 #leftyc...
22 Nov, 2022
Thank you @zainab_akadir for sharing with your experience as a left hander. We celebrate you
22 Nov, 2022
Business meetings..!! Where my lefties at
21 Nov, 2022
Can we make money without factories? Be my wholesaler. Provide high-quality luxury goods and sports shoes. If the top 10000 customers add my INS →→ @lakishamasn69 ←←, I will give a pair of yeezy slippers as a gift. Limited quantity, first come, first serv...
21 Nov, 2022
Factory source recruitment agents, the first 10,000 added users, complimentary yeezy slippers, or brand sunglasses, high-end brand silk scarves. The quantity is limited. Please add INS →→ @asiglowrd2g2021 ←← as soon as possible. ...
20 Nov, 2022
Our promising left hander Shreevardhan singh charan selected for Jodhpur team in inter school state tournament. @shreevardhan.16 #cricket #cricketnews #cricketlife #cricketmatch #cricketselection #lefthandersday #lefthander #cricketworld #cricketworld...
19 Nov, 2022
“Life without left-handed people wouldn’t be right.” — C.R. Manske
18 Nov, 2022
✅Hoy con la letra L . No olvides que LeftHanded creo un libro para ayudar a niños y niñas zurdos a formar las letras del alfabeto con el mínimo de dificultad. Pueden surgir problemas porque los diestros "tiran" de forma natural el bolígrafo por la página ...
17 Nov, 2022