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Tomorrow! I have the honor on being in Japan Eats podcast with @akikokatayamanyc on @heritage_radio ‼️ We will be talking about my life story (this should be interesting) and of course, TAKOYAKI! I’m a big fan of Akiko from the Iron Chef days. If you hav...
29 Mar, 2020
My birthday is 7/1/1981. I was born 17:08 which is 6:08am 7/2 in Japan. Apparently 7/2 is Octopus day in Japan. Amazing. Is this destiny? I will do my best. The first tako picture is tako from Morocco. Very delicious.
05 Mar, 2020
Here they are! 2020 COOKING DATES. Any further updates will be on KARLSBALLS.COM or here on Instagram. See you soon‼️Yes!!!KARLSBALLS will be at @newyorkcomiccon this year! I will also add some @popupny dates when I get their schedule for my midtown cust...
03 Mar, 2020
There was a Japanese fried food festival right next to it
31 Jan, 2020
Tomorrow at 10:30pm I will be featured on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network episode: "Karl Palma TakoYaki Chef". There I’ll be talking about my life story journey into Japanese Culture and Takoyaki. Check Network MNN4 * Spectrum67 * RCN85 * FIOS36 * Liv...
25 Jan, 2020
Recently I was informed from @maboroshiya_tarumi that I was on TV in Japan—a famous show called Tetsuwan DASH. They talk about how octopus is getting popular in the west and takoyaki is called “Samurai ball”. I never heard of the expression samurai ball ...
21 Jan, 2020
Watching this on repeat is like staring at the fireplace and feeling the warmth. Makes me wanna cook and eat! 2nd video...well that’s just the @karlsballs fam who I miss on the daily. Let me get better soon so I can organize the staff party of 2020. W...
10 Jan, 2020
Happy New Year from the hospital. I really wanted to end 2019 on a good note but unfortunately it won’t. I won’t go into detail of what’s going on as I’ve been admitted in since 12/28, Saturday. But please don’t worry I am on the mend and hope to be ou...
01 Jan, 2020
@iknowrenato comes visits @karlsballs at @queensnightmarket In typical Osaka-style fashion, Renato records Hiro, Karl, Taisho Tammy and Takai Tomomi being...well, themselves during “last call”. No kids or small animals were harmed in this video. Well may...
01 Dec, 2019
Cool excerpt from @iknowrenato YouTube Vlog! We were acting like idiots lol なんでやねん @khalcifer a lot of good footage from Forest Hills, one of my favorite places to cook. Salamat Renato!
01 Dec, 2019
Repost love throwback to @chefjoshr !! Thank you for support always! This kid has it all. •••••Had to show the king of Japanese Takoyaki @karlsballs some love in Forest Hills
30 Nov, 2019
Sometimes I impress myself! Hahaha that last turn into a complete ball was gorgeous. Mic drop. See you in 2020!
27 Nov, 2019
Here’s a video I didn’t see! Throwback to @famousfoodfestival blasting @ningen_isu
26 Nov, 2019
Anybody miss my takoyaki from @animenyc ? Do me a favor and hit the like button and share the strongest name in takoyaki!
26 Nov, 2019
As you can see, that #takoyaki was so good, I ate every last bite! #food #art #animenyc #foodporn #allgone #iateitall #delishious #karlsballs #octopus #japanese #japanesefood #javitscenter #nyc #manhattan #animenyc2019 @animenyc @karlsballs
25 Nov, 2019
The 2019 season is done! It was a crazy year (hospitalized, and accidents!?!?) and I couldn’t have done it without the A team that is behind me. This video is for you! 大将, ひろ, ともみ, めぐみ、みき Mary, Justin, John, Dylon, Yiwen, J, and every other volunteer wo...
23 Nov, 2019
The #takoyaki I had for #lunch It was #delishious #art #anime #animenyc #manga #food #octopus #foodporn #karlsballs #japanese #japanesefood #javitscenter #nyc #manhattan #animenyc2019 @animenyc @karlsballs
22 Nov, 2019
@karlsballs where I tried #takoyaki for the very first time. #art #food #lunch #anime #animenyc #karlsballs #karlsballsnyc #japanese #japanesefood #firsttime #javitscenter #nyc #manhattan #animenyc2019 @animenyc
22 Nov, 2019
Some pretty good #takoyaki
21 Nov, 2019
I tried Takoyaki for the first time at #AnimeNYC. It was good. Wish o gmhad gotten more. Thanks yo Karl's Balls #karlsballs
19 Nov, 2019