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I got word today that my Katsuobushi (Bonito flakes) that I use for my OG takoyaki topping is no longer being imported into the USA. This is a big change in taste for my recipe. One key features of mine were a TRI-BLEND of 3 types of fish that were cut sl...
23 Mar, 2019
First event of the year! 4pm at Columbia University! The Strongest Comes Back! 最強が戻ってくる‼️ Great food at this event too!!! Repost @cjscolumbia with @get_repost ・・・ Spring has finally arrived and that means it's time for Matsuri 2019: Columbia Japan Socie...
20 Mar, 2019
Takosen (たこせんべい , たこせん) is a kind of popular snack that is eaten around Osaka Prefecture, and it is made by putting Takoyaki on a cracker, putting sauce on it, and sandwiching it in the cracker. Shrimp cracker is mostly common, but other variations are ri...
19 Mar, 2019
おはようございます! 最強が戻ってくる ねぎマヨです Good morning! The strongest comes back! NEGI MAYO TAKOYAKI 2019
18 Mar, 2019
The grind doesn’t stop. 2:30am. 7lb Octopus
17 Mar, 2019
Throwback to the time I made a lot of Okonomiyaki. Mine was good!!! I always put the Katsuo first then sauce then mayo...seaweed last after drawing my design. Customers used to love this. Secret: Okonomiyaki with BACON is amazing. Just make sure you g...
16 Mar, 2019
Motivation~~I’m cooking faster and better than ever.
16 Mar, 2019
Since 2007, I’ve been affiliated and deeply influenced by the Japanese and Japanese American Community. It all started with the idea of enriching my life by learning Traditional Japanese drumming, Taiko as they call it. Little did I know that this communi...
15 Mar, 2019
Since 2015 I’ve been cooking at @queensnightmarket with a mission to cook the best most authentic takoyaki that rivals with the best in Japan. I knew given my situation, I would have to work 2x harder just to be on an equal playing field. It’s been 4 ye...
12 Mar, 2019
The new batter I’m working will be an improvement over last years. Last years was very good and hard to top but I want it to be even closer to the best of the best. Swipe left and you will see how creamy and wet the new batter is on the inside. This is...
09 Mar, 2019
These tender legs are the outcome of a 4 day preparation process which included massaging by hand for 90 minutes. Very happy with the result. Keep going...
08 Mar, 2019
The best way I can describe the taste of my octopus is that it has a slight pop/crunch and then a melting effect. I prep it so when you eat you’ll know it’s there but you don’t have to chew so much. Right in the middle of chew and velvety soft. Towards...
05 Mar, 2019
YUDEDAKO (茹で蛸). Boiled Octopus in the Japanese method. This one was tenderized for 18 hours then massaged by hand for 45 minutes.
04 Mar, 2019
Practice makes perfect. My arm is a bit weak.
02 Mar, 2019
I want to share something very special with all of you. This video is from July 11, 2011. This is quite possibly my first batch of takoyaki I ever made at @otafukuxmedetai . I had no idea what i was doing, but all I knew was that if you hit the button th...
23 Feb, 2019
Throwback to Otafuku 2012. Those were the days. Sometimes 6 days a week! I made a really good Yakisoba and Okonomiyaki. Thank you to the crew at those times. You guys and girls were the best.
21 Feb, 2019
Coming soon in 2019‼️ Are you psyched
20 Feb, 2019
Repetition repetition repetition. I’m a one sided guy, I feel weird being called a chef. Why? Because I only know what I do. Put me in another setting and I’m a beginner. It amazes me meeting chefs from other places and they have so much knowledge abou...
17 Feb, 2019
The start of octopus prep has begun and I will be prepping octopus everyday or every other day. Im looking forward to cooking for all of you.
10 Feb, 2019