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Even in hot weather I can still eat takoyaki, can you? KARLS BALLS ORIGINAL CLASSIC * Freshly boiled Dashi Soup Stock mixed in batter * Sushi grade Octopus massaged by hand * Tempura bits and scallion inside * Homemade Takoyaki Sauce * Kewpie Mayo * Drie...
22 Jul, 2019
Well somehow we made it. Last nights conditions made the tent well over 100*F inside with the burners on. We’re happy that people came to night market to support. Thank you! Today the mayor cancelled all outdoor events due to the heatwave. Honestly, I...
21 Jul, 2019
Finally made it to the Queen's night market
21 Jul, 2019
LOCATION UPDATE! - Saturday @karlsballs will be back at @queensnightmarket from 5pm-12am - SUNDAY in Forest Hills from 10a-6pm - Corner of queens blvd and yellowstone blvd! Thank you to @ralph_iannn for the awesome photo from last weekends @famousfoodfe...
19 Jul, 2019
#karlsballs #amazing #foodtruck #delicious
14 Jul, 2019
Takoyaki from Karl’s Balls at the Deer Park Tanger Food Festival and OMG, I WHERE HAVE THESE BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!?!?!
14 Jul, 2019
Incase y’all were wondering about the Takoyaki. Gotta get at @karlsballs #takoyaki #japanesefood #japanesecuisine #foodiesofinstagram #foodie #foodies #karlsballs #hungrynyc
12 Jul, 2019
This weekend I’ll be at the @famousfoodfestival bringing authentic Osaka style takoyaki to Long Island! It’s gonna be a busy and hot one this weekend! Hot balls coming! Thank you to @khalcifer for the video!
11 Jul, 2019
If you don’t know about #takoyaki I can’t fuck wit you... Osaka Shit
10 Jul, 2019
What you missed during Sunday’s location of @karlsballs
10 Jul, 2019
My favorite place to be. My happy place. It feels so good to be back I wanna go back at 5am to do cardio. Like Arnold says, “I’ll be back”. Gotta get these arms big again. Gotta get my back strong again, gotta get my cardio in again. I miss it so much!...
09 Jul, 2019
I’m hoping this puppy from @dreyfus_days will get my post more likes
06 Jul, 2019
Karl’s Balls
02 Jul, 2019
Woo woo! Today’s my birthday. What I’m gonna do today? Hmm. Probably sleep all day and prep octopus at night time! Make me feel good and comment something nice lol. I’m old but at least Asians don’t age LOL. Ok, time for a nappy nap!
01 Jul, 2019
Thank you everyone who comes to @queensnightmarket every Saturday! Today I’m not cooking. I’m slightly dehydrated again, so I’ll be relaxing drinking coconut water and gatorade. This picture was from last weekend, I like the lighting. Repost @gillyisst...
30 Jun, 2019
Customers are telling me that @karlsballs is the busiest stand at @queensnightmarket honestly I don’t really look at the line as I like to concentrate on the cooking but I guess it’s true. Thank you for spreading the word about takoyaki culture and thank...
28 Jun, 2019
Laksa, pho ga, #karlsballs , mung bean soy milk, jerk chicken, pasteis de nata....
23 Jun, 2019
Tomorrow back at @queensnightmarket from 5pm-12am and Sunday in Brooklyn! Smith Street between Union and Bergen Street 10am-6pm. Put this address in your GPS to find me Sunday—222 Smith Street Brooklyn, NY 11231. Back to work, another late night in the k...
22 Jun, 2019
NYAFF Night Market A Marathon of Film, Food & Fun! Don’t miss out on our annual Opening Night tradition! #tigerbeerus #shiseido #epicprops #twinmarquis #zailainyc #karlsballs #samuraimarathon #friedaandroyfurmangallery
20 Jun, 2019
It’s rare to have a fellow vendor recommend your stand at @queensnightmarket but in this case @odinsmightymusubi Ricky went beyond that and called my cooking an art from. Thank you for the honorable compliment! I remember back in 2015 Ricky would always...
18 Jun, 2019