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Tears are coming down Save it for the long run Oh the good times we almost never had Swim before you drown Don't you look so weary, love? I'm not a savior I don't wear no crown #PourSugarOnMe #PinkStyle #KALEO
25 May, 2020
Your fortune‘s fading love Fortune only favors me I‘m sick of waiting For you to come and feel my needs ⚡️
20 May, 2020
Early version of No Good - recorded at a birthday party in Iceland back in 2013. #sogood
12 May, 2020
Moscow, Russia 2018 || #kaleolive
11 May, 2020
07 May, 2020
All the pretty girls like Samuel Oh he really doesn't share Though it's more than he can handle Life is anything but fair, life is anything but fair #AllThePrettyGirls #KALEO
24 Apr, 2020