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The first way: your pet needs regular checkups. It's much less expensive to PREVENT disease than it is to TREAT it!
There are few things sadder, and worse, than having a bored pet! Winter brings cold weather and extended periods of inactivity with everyone stuck indoors. We have some great ideas for keeping your pet active and healthy this winter!
January marks #WalkYourDogMonth! Our new blog post offers tips on exercising your canine companions:
Our newest blog post offers tips for an easier bath session with your pup!
Find your favorite M products at and get your pup in the tub!
For short-coated dogs with dry skin, we recommend using Nutrient Fusion pre-bath treatment, FreshenUp Cleansing Treatment and then Show Dog Shine in-between bath sessions! Visit our to stock up on these great products.
Natural dog skin care and grooming products!
Moe loves Nutrient Fusion.
The 10 most common dog ailments, and how to treat them in the field
"Where's my rubber ducky?" signs of ear infections
The lovely Lulu and her crazy long tongue!
What? Boston Terrier
Moe loves the camera.
The "M" behind "M&J Dog." His name is Moe.
Happy Friday! Mac has a new favorite activity for cold & rainy days, walking on the treadmill! Have you ever tried this with your dog?
Moe is never too shy to ham it up for the camera! We love that face :)
You can make Homemade Frosty Paws with just a few simple ingredients! Now you can have frosty treats for your pup any time you like!!

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