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Let your past make you better, not bitter
21 Sep, 2022
“Life itself is a privilege, but to live life to the fullest-well, that is a choice”. -Andy Andrews Sunday vibes ✨✌
18 Sep, 2022
This is where the adventure begins & ends
15 Sep, 2022
Visualize your goals & move on
04 Sep, 2022
Because even in the simplest you can find beauty
27 Aug, 2022
5️⃣ ways to celebrate #womensequalityday ➡️ Swipe to take action today 1. Step into your power - Know your worth and ask for what you want
26 Aug, 2022
Presenting the beautiful and caring @hanatapiata for @garnieraunz With locks that would have Rapunzel green with envy, it’s safe to say we all need a bit of whatever she's using. #HanaTapiata #InfluenceWithPurpose #LiquoriceNZ #KiwiInfluencers
15 Aug, 2022
You’re meant to shine, so don’t be afraid to see life in colors, so you can lived it as it fulliest potential ✨ #gooddays#lifecoaching#lifeincolors#masteryourlself#everydayisanewbeginning#rompeloconcoraje#nazlecoach#influencewithpurpose#daystoremember#sh...
08 Aug, 2022
Have you jumped on Reels for your biz yet?
08 Jul, 2022
Uvertura v novo poglavje kreativnega zavezništva z @nuxe_slovenija . Pa ne me vzeti preveč zares.
22 Jun, 2022
7 Quotes To A Glowing Life. 1. "Your Attitude Towards Life , Determines Life's Attitude Towards You" 2. "When People Show You Their True Colours Believe Them" 3. " Accept What is, Let Go Of What Was , And Have Faith In what Will Be" 4. " A Woman That ...
02 May, 2022
Weekend always reminds of•Travel•Speak•Influence With People Brands•Relax•Enjoy!! Happy Weekend! with Starbucks A TATA Alliance . . . . . . #starbucks #starbuckscoffee #starbucksindia #tata #tataalliance #weekend #weekendvibes #weekendgetaway #weekendt...
30 Apr, 2022
Summer is soon on its way and I can’t wait
20 Mar, 2022
The only person who gets to decide your worth is YOU! It doesn't come from your bank account or the number of friends , followers or likes you have. It doesn't come from what someone else says your worth. It's called self worth for one reason- it comes...
11 Mar, 2022
A seasoned speaker and published author, who also hosts the hugely popular ‘On the Flow’ podcast by AWWA, Hana’s own podcast The Whakapapa Effect, musings on social and her intimate online and one to one resources and programs cover off a considered minds...
22 Feb, 2022
THEY used to CALL US colored people and NOW we are showing THE WORLD how BEAUTIFUL it is to be COLORED! Style & Visuals: @say.nikko Coat: @shopj.bolin @stylistjbolin Suit set: @anrfashions Bag: @telfarglobal
12 Feb, 2022
✨”Find your Lane. Make space for the flow to show itself.” - @oprah As an influencer or entrepreneur, it’s important to find your niche (lane).
07 Feb, 2022
You have were meant to do something in this life and male a difference Keep reminding yourself daily why you do what you do .. #makeadifference #haveapurpose #bethechange #influencewithpurpose
08 Nov, 2021