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What are you excited to learn from Dr. John Minardi's Neurology of the VSC & Thompson Technique 2 class in Dallas this weekend? #ICPAFreedomFest
Don't miss this opportunity to see Bruce Lipton, and many other powerful speakers at the Freedom for Family Wellness Summit. You have until August 31st to get $100 off registration and complimentary continuing ed hours! #ICPAFreedomFest
Barbara Loe Fisher on "Opting Out: The Moral Right to Religious and Conscientious Belief Exemptions to Vaccination" Issue # 38 #ICPAFreedomFest
Jeffrey Smith promotes healthier non-GMO choices and is speaking at the Freedom For Family Wellness Summit in November! #ICPAFreedomFest
What an inspiration Ina May Gaskin has been to the birthing community. See her speak at the Freedom for Family Wellness Summit, Sunday, November 16th on the subject "Birth Matters". #ICPAFreedomFest
Dr. Suzanne Humphries on "Informed Choice", Issue # 42. Don't miss her speaking at the Freedom for Family Wellness Summit in November! #ICPAFreedomFest
Dr. Margulis has been researching and writing about the birth industry, infants, and heath for over ten years and she is a writer who is not afraid to stick her neck out, investigating the overlooked dangers of mainstream practices. See her speak live at ...
Want to understand more deeply of the effects of Genetically Modified foods? Register for our Freedom for Family Wellness Summit and see Sayer Ji speak live! #ICPAFreedomFest
Dr. Joe Dispenza tells us, new thinking and new beliefs can literally rewire one's brain to change behavior, emotional reactions, and habit-forming patterns. "Evolve Your Brain" at the Freedom for Family Wellness Summit in November #ICPAFreedomFest...
Don't miss Barbara Loe Fisher, President of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), speak at #ICPAFreedomFest
Adjustments help immune system, amongst other things.
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Chiropractors promote a healthy lifestyle. Study shows less use of drugs among patients of chiropractic.
Healthy Kids make Healthy Adults #Quote #Motivational #Inspirational
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The Chiropractic Care
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