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From Shela, to Panguru, Leketurum, Lasadar, Tedmukzu, Powlam to Kwaififi - all in #GombeState , our works speak for us. Over 1000 children are also being sponsored through school. It is our mandate to make education assessible to children living in poor a...
16 Apr, 2019
Having dreams and goals can be difficult because sometimes your ability to accomplish certain things isn’t entirely in your control. When I achieve something I’ve been working hard to achieve, it’s important for me to remember everything that led up to wh...
16 Apr, 2019
Have you ever experienced loneliness in your marriage? ### I’ve received one response to the anonymous survey for my next Hope for the Lonely podcast episode on loneliness and marriage. I’d love more input. It’ll take just a few minutes to complete. Sur...
04 Apr, 2019
Episode 12 of Hope for the Lonely is Live. The Complexities of Loneliness. Link in bio. #hope #loneliness #lonely #faith #christianlife #hopeforthelonely #podcast #christianpodcast
03 Apr, 2019
Most people struggle with loneliness at various times throughout their lives. Some people struggle with loneliness every day. Many keep their loneliness a secret. But I’ve discovered the more curious I’ve become about my loneliness, the more I’ve read abo...
01 Apr, 2019
Let’s just say this is a kind of loneliness I hadn’t thought about before now. ### From Karl Barth in God Here and Now. ### The Word of God is indeed for all. It does include all areas of existence. But only this One is the Word of God. And therefore, t...
16 Mar, 2019
Throwback to last Saturday when I spoke about loneliness and motherhood to a group of amazing women. During my talk, I invited them into a space that can be difficult to inhabit, and we all survived.
09 Mar, 2019
We are more connected now than ever before, but most of us still struggle with loneliness and isolation. ### Do you relate to the statement above? Do you need some hope for your loneliness? ### Learn about some things people are doing to decrease loneli...
05 Mar, 2019
Do you keep seeing loneliness in the news? I do! I pulled together four of my favorite recent articles on loneliness. The news articles included in this podcast explore a few good things people are doing to combat loneliness, basic steps toward more meani...
26 Feb, 2019
It takes bravery and courage for us to be vulnerable about our struggles. And while filling out anonymous surveys for the Hope for the Lonely podcast may not feel very vulnerable, it is. I believe it is a step along the path that can lead to a life-long j...
20 Feb, 2019
Valentine's Day at the Orphanage #yesalumni #hopeforthelonely #coz_we_care #Best_valentine_ever
15 Feb, 2019
Loneliness is a hot topic right now. But most people writing about it and studying it want to put it in a box and figure it out and fix it and make it go away. ### I said the quote above in Episode 1 and in Episode 4 of the Hope for the Lonely podcast. A...
13 Feb, 2019
#hebrews13v5 #hopeforthelonely #cureforlonliness #neveralone
08 Jan, 2019
Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. ~James 4:8 #verseoftheday #hopeforthelonely #wearealllonelysometimes
05 Jan, 2019
It’s hard to talk about our loneliness. We think others won’t understand. But the big secret is we all struggle with some sort of loneliness at times. ### While I do sometimes suffer from aloneness, the kind of loneliness I sense most deeply is what Dr. T...
08 Nov, 2018
Who else needs this reminder today?⠀ ⠀ When your heart is tempted to run to someone or some*thing* to fill the longing within, turn to Jesus instead.⠀ ⠀ He is the only one who can satisfy the longing in our hearts.⠀ ⠀ He is the only one who can fill the e...
27 Sep, 2018
"Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be." Abraham Lincoln #HappyPeople #Gombe #HopeForTheLonely #WeCare #SunKissed #wecanlead #beboldforchange #KRA #breakthesilence
08 Jul, 2018
#Repost @kemirewa ・・・ #WorldWaterDay #TrueStory #MyWaterStory In 2007, @actionaidnigeria installed a borehole for Leketurum community and for 8 years, the community levied themselves to maintain the borehole. However, in 2015, the borehole was damaged an...
23 Mar, 2018
#WorldWaterDay #TrueStory #MyWaterStory In 2007, @actionaidnigeria installed a borehole for Leketurum community and for 8 years, the community levied themselves to maintain the borehole. However, in 2015, the borehole was damaged and the repair beyond th...
22 Mar, 2018
Transform our hearts. There are tortured souls out there, doing horrible things! I am praying for the world. #hopeforthelonely #hopeforthebrokenhearted #peacebewithusall
02 Oct, 2017