Blues in A (Several Ways), Taught by Mary Flower: Homespun
Mary Flower gives early/intermediate guitarists the tools for developing easy but effective solos in the key of A. She teaches a variety of interchangeable parts, ...
29 Nov, 2018
Homespun "Basic Mandolin for Guitarist Players" Sample
Adam Traum has a love and respect for the mandolin's widely expressive range, and he explores the instrument here from a guitar player's perspective.
18 Jul, 2018
Steve Allen for Homespun on Good Day New York 1:10:95
Back in 1995, the great TV personality and musician Steve Allen went on TV in New York to help promote his Homespun video, "An Introduction to Jazz Piano.
21 Apr, 2018
Gaye Adegbalola, Instructional DVD, "Learn to Sing the Blues," Homespun Tapes, November 2010
Though recorded several years earlier, this instructional video was put on DVD in 2010. A clip is shown here with a growling exercise. About a dozen and a half ...
10 Sep, 2017
Toby Walker Interview with Happy Traum for Homespun
Acoustic blues fingerpicking wizard Toby Walker has a conversation with guitarist Happy Traum about how he started playing. He shows some of the first licks he ...
03 Aug, 2016

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