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Вот так весело меня встретила Carol с дочкой в #Rosario и мы отправились к ней на ферму #HappyhouseFarm ,где я проведу целую неделю:) #Philippines #mytrip #love #village #farmerwoman #ilikeit...
04 Dec
#wallsit #contest at the #happyhousefarm #luzon #philppines #workaway getting our sweat on! #funfunfun
04 Dec
Cat rubdown with chicken oven mitts
12 Jan, 2020
Gotta flex on my girls for a minute—Our three happy hens are still laying daily despite the shorter daylight hours. Silkie chickens are the BEST and easiest outdoor pets. Quiet, cuddly and productive! . . . #silkiechickens #silkies #silkiesofinstagram #e...
08 Jan, 2020
Happy 2020 from our flock to yours!!!
01 Jan, 2020
Found this place yesterday while looking for something more to do in La Union. San Juan, La Union is pretty - like a chic surf town with cute little restos and good eats, but to be honest, there’s also a little bit of pretentious feels (too trendy for me ...
04 Dec
My dream of having a walk-to-town farm is complete! Thank you @jennifershacklett and @greenchickensshop for making it official. . . . #etsy #etsyshop #makers #backyardfarm #farm #personalized #personalizedgifts #backyardchickens #backyardgarden #hens #he...
23 May, 2019
Visit @ Happy House Farm
Check out my vlog @ Happy House Farm in La Union. Indeed Farming is cool:) #farming #agriculture #farm #happy #vlog.
03 Feb, 2019
Merry Christmas everyone!
25 Dec, 2018
African Nightcrawlers (week 4) #AfricanNightcrawlers #CompostingWorms #RaisingWormsAtHome
This is the 4 week update on the African Nightcrawlers in the Urban Worm Bag. If you are interested in the Urban Worm Bag please use this link for purchase ...
01 Nov, 2018
African Nightcrawlers (2 week update) #AfricanNightcrawlers #UrbanWormBag #CompostingWorms
My African Nightcrawlers in the Urban Worm Bag after 2 weeks. If you are interested in buying an Urban Worm Bag please use this link ...
19 Oct, 2018
African Night Crawlers: Pig-out Continues
I can't say it enough. These guys are monsters! Love digging around their bin. Until the end of the month, any purchase over $50 from my website will get my ...
15 Sep, 2018
European Night Crawlers Surprise!
Let's see who reads my descriptions!! I never had the pound of ANC claimed that I was going to give away. So, I am thinking the first person to email me: ...
14 Sep, 2018
African Night Crawler Bin Update: Large Feeding and Cocoon
Super pleased with how everything is coming along in this bin! The castings in this bin look by far the best out of any of my bins. The ANC are such efficient ...
25 Jun, 2018
VermiBag Ep 38 African Night Crawlers Exploding (follow up on Ep26)
The ANC that I transferred into the new VermiBag Mini 2 months ago (EP 26) have absolutely exploded. I am going to transfer them this weekend into a New ...
13 Jun, 2018
African Night Crawlers: No Getting up Until you Clean Your Plate
Lets join the clean plate club. Happy Worming, Emily (The Crazy Worm Lady) Email: [email protected] IG: ...
06 Jun, 2018
African Night Crawlers or Snakes?
These ANC are insanely huge! Feeding today and turning the bin up. Slight musty smell, will keep an eye on it. Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all who ...
28 May, 2018
Sorry for the late update, but life happens.
27 May, 2018
Here is the African Night Crawler. I'm really looking forward to seeing what this worm can do. A big shout out to Texas Worm Farm for getting them to me in such ...
05 Apr, 2018
African Night Crawlers: Week 1 Update
Checking in on the ANC bin! 1 week in and no escapees and healthy, growing worms. Plan on doing a start-to-finish setup of a new bin next week. For now we ...
18 Mar, 2018

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