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Why Join Girls Will Code?
Hear from some of the 2019 council members about why they joined Girls Will Code. Hit Like, Subscribe, and Sign up to Girls Will Code!
02 Aug, 2019
Experiencing the Accenture Liquid Studio Manila with Girls Will Code
In 2017, Girls Will Code visited the Accenture Liquid Studio in Manila, Philippines, and got the chance to experience the latest in tech.
17 Nov, 2018
An Introduction to Girls Will Code by Candy Magazine
Learn more about Isabel and Girls Will Code in this 2017 Candy Magazine feature. Read the full story here: ...
16 Nov, 2018
Connect with Amazing Entrepreneurs with Girls Will Code and Ignition Venture Studio
With mentors and services to help you get started, a highly accessible location, and an amazing space, Ignition Venture Studio is the best place for a budding ...
15 Nov, 2018
GirlsWillCode: #GirlForward18
To celebrate the International Day of the Girl, GirlsWillCode, in partnership with TheCodingSchool, Ignition Venture Studio, and Accenture, held #GirlForward18.
27 Oct, 2018
#GirlsWillCode to Change The World!
GirlsWillCode to change the world! Girls ages 7 to 17 years old joined the Girls Will Code Workshop at the Accenture Liquid Studio to learn how to code through ...
09 Jan, 2018
Show your support to Girls Will Code
Do the Girls Will Code Pose, Ask someone to take your photo, Upload your picture and use the #girlswillcode to show support to Girls Will Code and to get ...
26 Apr, 2017

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