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Happy #motivationalmonday and we hope you have a great week ahead
02 Dec, 2019
Four-legged creatures, both living and robotic, have historically had a hard time climbing ladders — until now. Researchers at Tokyo Metropolitan University
29 Nov, 2019
Today for #womencodewednesday we have Maude Rose ‘Lores’ Bonney, who made history as the first woman to fly solo from Australia England in a long 157-hour journey. She was born 122 years ago today on November 20, 1897. Bonney travelled through multiple h...
20 Nov, 2019
Never give up on your dreams. Happy #motivationalmonday and we hope you have a great week
18 Nov, 2019
Thank you to the ISM Film club for putting together this video! @ari.turalba @nushisharma @nicrector @annikaguila #GirlForward19 #debugthegap #girlswillcode #girls #girlsinstem #girlsintech #empower #stem #tech #empoweringwomen #code #girlsincode #wome...
11 Nov, 2019
Spider-Man and Spider-Man by WOLFBLADE111 on DeviantArt
29 Oct, 2019
APC-Microsoft Community officers with the CEO of Girls Will Code and Co-founder of The Coding School Ms. @isabel.sieh #CodeFilipina2019 #GirlsWillCode #CodingPH #APCMSC
26 Oct, 2019
Our lovely, hard working team last Saturday for #GirlForward19 !!
26 Oct, 2019
Self Development and the Future of Science and Technology 2.0 Conference #GirlsWillCode #CallForIdeas #Official Campushelp Launching #Platiniumnetworks2DWORLD ! swear We are Young
25 Oct, 2019
HOW YALL FEEL?!?! - #bts
18 Oct, 2019
Repost At #AccenturePH, we believe that diversity makes us stronger so we're always encouraging women including young girls to pursue their passions especially in creating innovations. Keep going ladies because we've got your back! 
14 Oct, 2019
Happy #motivationalmonday! Thanks to everyone who came to the Girl Forward event. It was so exciting meeting all of you guys and learning such interesting things from our speakers and workshop leaders
14 Oct, 2019
Here is our list of all the speakers and workshop leaders that will be there at GirlForward tomorrow! Make sure to check out the timings so you know when a speaker is presenting.
11 Oct, 2019
Get excited because Girl Forward is one day away!! We can’t wait to meet you all and have an amazing event
11 Oct, 2019
4 days left till it’s GIRL FORWARD 2019! Register with the link in the bio before it’s too late
08 Oct, 2019
We are excited to present Patricia and Jastine! The two of them will be running a workshop during Girl Forward called “Create Opportunities by Starting a Community.”
08 Oct, 2019
Begin a new journey and create your own story! Join Girl Forward, an annual event held in celebration of the UN International Day of the Girl. It aims to inspire female students to take up a career in science and technology. This event is sponsored by Gi...
07 Oct, 2019
The Coding School is at the Global Homeschool Conference 2019. Catch us at booth #21! Signups today get P500 off per class module. Here’s your chance to talk to our coaches and learn about our classes. #GHC2019 #HG20YEARS #TheCodingSchool #theNewFuture #...
05 Oct, 2019
We will be having an offline coding workshop at Girl Forward 2019 that will be lead by GWC members, so look out for that!!
04 Oct, 2019
Day 7 - 16 : #100daysofcode Hello World
03 Oct, 2019

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