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A #DBHSExperience with... #Repost @dbhsfirstpriority1 (@get_repost) ・・・ Today's Theme Was The Focus of Weakness and Strength. Keynotes from our President's #Godstories "I careless of what people say, because I know I'm still going to be me." #FPGODSTORY ...
15 Apr, 2019
A #DBHSExperience with... #Repost @dbhsfirstpriority1 (@get_repost) ・・・ Theme: Strength and Weakness "I thank God for everything, thank you for the happiness you have me." "No Sin is too small, ALL Sin is big and Weighs on you." No matter what challenges ...
01 Apr, 2019
At Anderson Middle's Connect week, students thought of ways they could better love others. This led to the club deciding right there that they wanted to leave encouraging notes on every desk for students to see the following day! Each one had a personal m...
13 Mar, 2019
This encouraging prayer photo comes from McNicol Middle. 42 students came out to club and 6 received Christ...Did we mention the message was given by an 8th grader?!! #firstprioritysf #churchcampuschrist #9monthmissiontrip #fpgodstory
12 Mar, 2019
A #DBHSExperience with... #Repost @dbhsfirstpriority1 (@get_repost) ・・・ Top photo: With Christina's Will To Push Forward No Matter The Circumstance And To Deepen Her Faith And Trust In God Was A True Testimony #Godstories . Bottom Photo: Hope Filled The...
11 Mar, 2019
The Gospel is going out and today we get to celebrate the 18 students who received Christ at Renaissance Charter this week! #firstprioritysf #churchcampuschrist #9monthmissiontrip #fpgodstory #salvation
26 Feb, 2019
We're celebrating this week's club at American Heritage. Over 50 students came out and 20 responded to the Gospel to receive Christ! Pray with us for these new believers as they begin their faith journey! #firstprioritysf #churchcampuschrist #9monthmissio...
22 Feb, 2019
Students at Flanagan saw an amazing turnout this week of 50 students and 6 salvations on their campus club! #firstprioritysf #churchcampuschrist #9monthmissiontrip #fpgodstory
21 Feb, 2019
Students at Carver Middle had 5 of their friends receive Christ and gave out Bibles that they personalized. These Bibles were funded through our Giving Tuesday campaign and we're so excited to show you how they're being put to great use! THANK YOU for you...
19 Feb, 2019
It's exciting to see new clubs in action! Samuel Gaines met for their second time and 20 students came out to FP! They're now trying to move their meeting during lunch so that even more students can be reached! #firstprioritysf #churchcampuschrist #9month...
15 Feb, 2019
You saw our shipment of Bibles come in and now they continue to be given out on campuses! This week, students at Wellington Landings Middle are writing personal notes and inviting their friends to First Priority! #firstprioritysf #churchcampuschrist #9mon...
11 Feb, 2019
Today we kicked off the first meeting of First Priority on the Samuel Gaines campus. 20 students came out and 15 made a decision to follow Christ!! What a way to start!
08 Feb, 2019
As we seek to meet our year end goal, we're reminded of students like Jordan and Alli - they are why we do what we do! Jordan began praying for her friend Alli to come to club. She knew Alli was agnostic but also knew the power of God's Word. So, Jordan ...
26 Dec, 2018
There was plenty of pizza at Coconut Palm's Proclaim week - and cookies which made for a fun ice breaker for the students. 150 students heard the Gospel and over 40 made decisions to follow Christ this week! #firstprioritysf #churchcampuschrist #9monthmis...
21 Dec, 2018
We are celebrating the last club of the semester at Atlantic High School and seeing 6 students receive Christ! What a way to end the year! #firstprioritysf #churchcampuschrist #9monthmissiontrip #atlantichighschool #fpgodstory #gospel #salvation #jesus...
21 Dec, 2018
This week's club highlight comes from William Dandy MS! We are so excited to announce that a new FP club will be launching on their campus in the new year! We've been patiently waiting for God to open the doors and not only has HE shown up, but 17 student...
19 Dec, 2018
There's always something great happening at FP...Students!! Tag us in your fave club photo and let us know how your #9monthmissiontrip is going on campus this year! #firstprioritysf #churchcampuschrist #fpgodstory
18 Dec, 2018
Yesterday we had the joy of seeing over 20 students give their lives to Christ in clubs around Palm Beach! What a way to end the week! #firstprioritysf #churchcampuschrist #9monthmissiontrip #fpgodstory
14 Dec, 2018
Even faculty sponsors can have an opportunity to share what Jesus has done in their lives during Proclaim week - like what happened at West Broward. What a testimony this is to the students these teachers are with every day. Pray with us for our faculty ...
14 Dec, 2018
Students at Don Estridge Middle had the joy of seeing one of their classmates accept Christ! We know that heaven celebrates that one student's decision and so do we!! #firstprioritysf #churchcampuschrist #9monthmissiontrip #donestridge #fpgodstory
13 Dec, 2018

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