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screenshots of despair
The Atlas V16 Lamp by Futility Studios is a twin-Edison bulb powered floor lamp made almost entirely from parts from vintage automobiles and motorcycles. This particular lamp uses air filters to throw a diffuse, warm light from those incandescent bulbs an...
42 Tumblr Text Posts That Will Make You Laugh No Matter What #JustRandom
Finn RE: Steele. "Love makes you vulnerable."
Bad pussycat. 2711_891b.gif (300×225)
A Poet of the Great War: Wilfred Edward Salter Owen (1893-1918) was an English poet and soldier. He is regarded by many as the leading poet of "the Great War". His work is shocking and realistic with its focus upon the horrors of trench warfare and gas a...
es muy fuerte, es muy generoso. sí ya lo haz visto no tienes por que verlo otra vez..así que escuchale bien
The Futility of War...
I know, one day the futility will drag me from your hands.
saberiii [Pixiv]
Romeo and Juliet
November’s Infographics & Interactives Galore – Part Two | Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day…
Impact of Social Sciences – An antidote to futility: Why academics (and students) should take blogging / social media seriously
6.8 Earthquake. 2001. Olympia, Washington. The effects of an earthquake on a sand-tracing pendulum, discovered by Jason Ward. Seismologists say that the “flower” at the center reflects the higher-frequency waves that arrived first; the outer, larger...
JP: Aquamarine YG Ring.
Cat Lady Thoughts Comic Explores The Absolute Futility of Wondering Why Cats Do What They Do
All the time
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On futility | Community Post: 31 Times Daria Was Your Idol