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screenshots of despair
The Atlas V16 Lamp by Futility Studios is a twin-Edison bulb powered floor lamp made almost entirely from parts from vintage automobiles and motorcycles. This particular lamp uses air filters to throw a diffuse, warm light from those incandescent bulbs an...
42 Tumblr Text Posts That Will Make You Laugh No Matter What #JustRandom
Bad pussycat. 2711_891b.gif (300×225)
es muy fuerte, es muy generoso. sí ya lo haz visto no tienes por que verlo otra vez..así que escuchale bien
The Futility of War...
I know, one day the futility will drag me from your hands.
saberiii [Pixiv]
Romeo and Juliet
November’s Infographics & Interactives Galore – Part Two | Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day…
Impact of Social Sciences – An antidote to futility: Why academics (and students) should take blogging / social media seriously
6.8 Earthquake. 2001. Olympia, Washington. The effects of an earthquake on a sand-tracing pendulum, discovered by Jason Ward. Seismologists say that the “flower” at the center reflects the higher-frequency waves that arrived first; the outer, larger...
JP: Aquamarine YG Ring.
Cat Lady Thoughts Comic Explores The Absolute Futility of Wondering Why Cats Do What They Do
Black & White More
On futility | Community Post: 31 Times Daria Was Your Idol
Have My Life Together
Bag orange faux leather futility bost Bag orange faux leather Bags
Defeated German soldier in front of burning Reichstag, Berlin, 1945 - Mark Redkin