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ESN Bilbao Ibiza 2017 - Aftermovie - unofficial
ESN Spain arranged a trip to the Ibiza for all the Erasmus students in Spain. It was amazing 6 days!! Thanks for ESN Staff and especially for ESN BILBAO STAFF ...
20 Sep, 2017
ESN Bilbao trip to Gaztelugaxte and Oma Forest
ESN Bilbao arranged a day trip to the wonders of Basque Country.
19 Jul, 2017
ESN Bilbao - Kayaking in Bilbao river (14/05/2017)
ThisIsESN #ESN #Erasmus #Kayaking #Bilbao #River #Student #Network #Ría #Nervión.
17 May, 2017
ESN Bilbao - Dancing Lessons: Salsa
Salsa #ESNBilbao #ThisIsESN.
13 Apr, 2017
ESN Bilbao - Barcelona Experience 2017 (Aftermovie)
La #ESNBarcelonaExperience consistió en un espectacular evento que tubo lugar del 10 al 12 de marzo de 2017 en Barcelona. Contó con la participación de ...
08 Apr, 2017
ESN Bilbao - Glow Party in Flash
One of the best parties Eramus Student Network Bilbao has organised this year :) Do not miss the next ones!! Thank you!!! :) Music: "Happy Start" by Sacrofiz ...
31 Mar, 2017
ESN Bilbao - Teaser Ibiza 2016
Here it is! The 11th edition of the biggest event for exchange students in all Europe: the ESN IBIZA TRIP 2016. 2400 international students, 150 ESN ...
27 Mar, 2017
ESN Bilbao trip to San Sebastian
ESN Bilbao arranged a 24h trip to San Sebastian, 4.2.2017.
22 Feb, 2017
ESN Bilbao - This is ESN
We've been #Erasmus #students too. This is what we can tell you about our experience, and why we want to be beside you during your stay ...
02 Feb, 2017
ESN Bilbao - Pub Quiz
Pub quiz is a team competition in which we will put you to the test in a range of different topics such as general culture, music and questions about Basque ...
15 Jan, 2017
ESN Bilbao - Hiking Gorbea
After reaching the top of some typical Basque mountains, now we go up to Bizkaia and Araba´s highest peak: GORBEA MOUNTAIN :D GORBEA Mountain: 1482 ...
08 Jan, 2017
ESN Bilbao - Danzas Vascas / Basque dances
Contact: - E-mail: esnbilbao[email protected] - Web page: http://esnbilbao.org/ Networks: ♢ Facebook (Fan Page): https://www.facebook.com/ESNBilbao/ ...
19 Dec, 2016
ESN Bilbao - Butron Castle & San Juan de Gaztelugatxe & Oma Forest trip
ESN Bilbao drives you to three of the most famous and beautiful places of the Basque Country: The CASTLE OF BUTRÓN, the FOREST OF OMA and the ...
01 Dec, 2016
ESN Bilbao - Mannequin Challenge
ESNBilbao joins to the #mannequinchallenge. But what is this? It's about recording a video where the characters are immobil, still, like in a frozen scene.
28 Nov, 2016

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