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AUSTRALIA: FOOD ACT 1984: restaurant/takeaway Hello, I own a small family operated take away restaurant and am trying to change from a partnership(wife & me) to a coporation with a family trust and will trade as the same business name. The council say th...
21 Jul, 2021
Wind. That was this weekends biggest obstacle!
23 Mar, 2021
Kicked off the 2021 race season with the END-SURE 100k in North Dakota. Couldn’t have asked for better temps and race condition. The ND wind made me work till the very last mile.
21 Mar, 2021
#ENDSURE registration is open! See website for details. Maybe we'll still have some snow to tromp through!
06 Feb, 2021
We take your orders, we purchase and we deliver to you right to your home. @bellanaijaweddings @foodstore@weareyen @eat.drink.lagos @foodblog9ja @thefoodnetworknig @foodnetwork @feed @femiotedola @femiakuti @real_ffk muhammadubuhari @zainbhikhaofficial m...
02 Nov, 2020
Just another day training in the trails. Come and join us in our annual trail series . #trails #endsure #getsteonger #womantowatch #coachanim #rublove #runninggirl #borntorun
24 Oct, 2020
Christian Belief and Science Part 1: A Theological Defence of Evolutionary Creationism I have recently started a sub called r/OldEarthCreation for the discussion of similar topics! So please feel free to head on over if your interested. Anyways, awhile a...
26 Jul, 2020
I want to share with you a story from one unhappy customer from back when I used to build PCs full time. Full album and description here: []( A few years ago now, I used to work for a fairly large co...
24 Apr, 2020
Very new to the scene but I had a question about suppliers So big question from me so far is that I've looked at Aliexpress and the shipping times seem a little long. Do customers actually put up with the long wait times? Are there better supplier sites ...
17 Feb, 2020
#ENDSURE 2019 was a snowy one. What's in store for 2020? We're hoping to get some intel soon... #365daysofracephotos #not365consecutivedays
02 Feb, 2020
What to consider when rebuilding a deck? Our deck is old and unsafe. We plan to get it rebuilt this winter. Our property has two homes and we currently rent out the house that the deck is connected to. We will likely occupy this house in the future. We a...
05 Oct, 2019
A week after my first 50K trail race I keep finding myself researching longer and more challenging races I can take on next. It's addicting. I just wanna keep running further, and suffer more. It makes me feel alive!!! #postraceblues #endsure #keepitwild...
31 Mar, 2019
We want everyone to get to the end. #ENDSURE 2019. Photo by race director Tim Bauer. #365daysofracephotos #not365consecutivedays #howlongwillitgoon
28 Mar, 2019
24 Mar, 2019
#ENDSURE is just a few days away! #Repost @pumbatb (@get_repost) ・・・ A sure sign of spring along the back roads of North Dakota!
20 Mar, 2019
Just thirteen more days until the #endsure race! So excited to run 30 miles in 4 feet of snow... Was I drunk when I signed up for this??
10 Mar, 2019
Two weeks from today, racers will be done with #ENDSURE. Our first year in 2013 had a bunch of snow, and 2019 will have even more, forcing us to modify the courses. Here Andy Magness and Ryan Wagner take it on. Photo by Wes Peck.
10 Mar, 2019
#ENDSURE 2015. Race date is coming up quick on March 23rd. It's not looking like the snow will be gone... Photo by Wes Peck.
02 Mar, 2019 Live Stream
Thank you for joining. Download forms by clicking this link: Please use Chat for ...
05 Nov, 2018 Live Stream
Thank you for joining.
02 Nov, 2018