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#ENDSURE 2019 was a snowy one. What's in store for 2020? We're hoping to get some intel soon... #365daysofracephotos #not365consecutivedays
02 Feb, 2020
Beautiful run today in the magical winter wonderland that is Afton State Park. Warm enough for shorts, cold enough for the snow to be in excellent condition. I'm really pleased with how my training has progressed this winter, and I'm getting so stoked for...
25 Jan, 2020
A week after my first 50K trail race I keep finding myself researching longer and more challenging races I can take on next. It's addicting. I just wanna keep running further, and suffer more. It makes me feel alive!!! #postraceblues #endsure #keepitwild...
31 Mar, 2019
Leaning into the weekend like...
29 Mar, 2019