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#ENDSURE 2019 was a snowy one. What's in store for 2020? We're hoping to get some intel soon... #365daysofracephotos #not365consecutivedays
02 Feb, 2020
Beautiful run today in the magical winter wonderland that is Afton State Park. Warm enough for shorts, cold enough for the snow to be in excellent condition. I'm really pleased with how my training has progressed this winter, and I'm getting so stoked for...
25 Jan, 2020
A week after my first 50K trail race I keep finding myself researching longer and more challenging races I can take on next. It's addicting. I just wanna keep running further, and suffer more. It makes me feel alive!!! #postraceblues #endsure #keepitwild...
31 Mar, 2019
Leaning into the weekend like...
29 Mar, 2019
We want everyone to get to the end. #ENDSURE 2019. Photo by race director Tim Bauer. #365daysofracephotos #not365consecutivedays #howlongwillitgoon
28 Mar, 2019
Some more shots (by @thomas.carr23 ) from yesterday's race. Spring in the Upper Midwest is always a grab bag, sometimes you just get extra lucky! The warm, rotten snow blanketing the Sheyenne National Grassland, sometimes in drifts up to waist deep, was p...
25 Mar, 2019
Absolutely speechless after running END-SURE 50k today. Weather couldn't have been better, but the trail conditions were rather challenging. Despite all the post-holing, bloody shins, sunburns, and soggy feet, I kept a smile on my face all day. Extra stok...
24 Mar, 2019
#ENDSURE is just a few days away! #Repost @pumbatb (@get_repost) ・・・ A sure sign of spring along the back roads of North Dakota!
20 Mar, 2019
Just thirteen more days until the #endsure race! So excited to run 30 miles in 4 feet of snow... Was I drunk when I signed up for this??
10 Mar, 2019
Two weeks from today, racers will be done with #ENDSURE. Our first year in 2013 had a bunch of snow, and 2019 will have even more, forcing us to modify the courses. Here Andy Magness and Ryan Wagner take it on. Photo by Wes Peck.
10 Mar, 2019
#ENDSURE 2015. Race date is coming up quick on March 23rd. It's not looking like the snow will be gone... Photo by Wes Peck.
02 Mar, 2019
Congrats to everyone who competed and finished in yesterday’s @endracing_gf Ultra Races! Had a few Training Program participants destroy the course
25 Mar, 2018
Fun weekend @endracing_gf #endsure 50k. Route and conditions did not disappoint, haha. “Race” Report over on my FB page. #trailrunning #winterultra ??
25 Mar, 2018
Feeling badass or maybe just bat sh*t crazy! New adventure today. Completed a 25K trail run through hills and snow! Before and after pics. #ENDSURE #Sheyenne National Grasslands #Sandhills
24 Mar, 2018
The morning view. #endsure #trailrunning #coffee #ultravan #adventurevan
24 Mar, 2018
Packet pickup is in full swing for tomorrow’s @endracing_gf END-Sure Ultra Races. Good luck to all competing tomorrow, enjoy the journey! #FargoRunningCompany #FRC #ENDSure #ENDRacing
23 Mar, 2018
Hey @endracing_gf , just picked up the traditional Manitoba RD gift and am on my way. @barnhammerbrewing #local #trailrunning #endsure
23 Mar, 2018
Welcome back @hammernutrition for another year of #ENDSURE sponsorship! That reminds me, I need to reply to some other sponsor emails... #trailrunning #ndlegendary #northdakota #northcountrytrail #jorgenshollow #sheyennenationalgrasslands #extreme701
19 Feb, 2018
Sign up for our #ENDSURE 25k/50k/100k/100m trail race in March and get a chance to win (or win back) an entry into the coveted #Oxbow50 in May. How's that for a deal? Hit up Google or @joelatoews for race details. #ultrarunning #trailrunning #raceshekpin...
17 Jan, 2018
This is me participating in #endsure in 2013. There was a blizzard the night before. Since then, @endracing_gf changed the race date and they haven’t had this amount of snow since. Did you know that if you do #endsure you’ll be entered for a chance to win...
16 Jan, 2018