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Those cows know how to ring the bell and make amazing cheese
20 Jun, 2019
Today is International Cheese Day but we have the glorious luxury of celebrating cheese ALL THE TIME! From a visits to @saithospitality to share the process in which Parmigiano-Reggiano is made with @italianctryyc @ginomarghella to visiting Toronto’s lege...
04 Jun, 2019
EN EXCLUSIVITÉ seulement 5 meules au Canada notre plus grosse meule d’Emmentaler Urtyp. #Repost @fromagerie_atwater ****** Vous connaissez le #emmentaler #aopurtyp ? De la Vallée de l'Emme en #suisse issu d'un affinage d'environ 15 mois dont sept en milie...
24 May, 2019
Un nouveau fromage exclusif au Canada avec une technique d’affinage nommée URTYP. Aller gâter une maman en cette fête des mères chez @yannick_fromagerie
12 May, 2019
Bei Regen, Schnee oder Sonnenschein immer einen Besuch wert! Und hier gibt es den besonders leckeren Appenzeller®️ Edel-Würzig. #appenzeller_kaese #appenzellerland #cheeselovers #eatswitzcheese #myswitzerland #cheesefondue
03 May, 2019
#Repost @go4experiences_switzerland ****** Staying on the subject of Cows
14 Apr, 2019
[DERNIÈRE JOURNÉE/ LAST DAY] @salondela_femme. Soeur Angèle fera une démo culinaire à 2h/ Soeur Angèle will do a cooking show at 2 pm. Venez goûter la cadillac des fromages
24 Mar, 2019
Venez-nous voir au Salon de la femme aujourd’hui et demain, vous pourrez goûter et acheter à prix spécial nos fromages de la Suisse. Saluer Soeur Angèle qui est avec nous et fera un atelier culinaire à 14h
23 Mar, 2019
#Repost @terroirjuraregion ****** La fameuse Tête de Moine AOP
14 Mar, 2019
SAMPLING: Le Gruyère AOP Classic - - Back again today - Saturday This wonderful cheese from Switzerland Cheese is Lactose Free, Non-GMO and strictly grass-feed. Le Gruyère AOP Classic aged for at least five months to give it a fine and fragrant taste. ...
23 Feb, 2019
Notre fromage Emmental dans toute sa splendeur dans une nature pure et fait encore de façon artisanale et toujours sans lactose
22 Feb, 2019
#Repost @italianctryyc ・・・ Big smiles for big cheese! Cheeses from Switzerland are among the finest in the world...What your favourite
15 Feb, 2019
Big smiles for big cheese! Cheeses from Switzerland are among the finest in the world...What’s your favourite
15 Feb, 2019
#Repost @emmicheeseusa ・・・ If a cozy movie night is more your Valentine’s Day style, treat that special someone to a beautiful cheese board with Emmi Le Gruyère AOP. And while you’re at it, grate some of that Gruyère over a bowl of popcorn with a drizzle ...
10 Feb, 2019
#Repost @denningersfoods ・・・ Raclette Party at Denninger’s! Unbelievably fun night in Burlington learning about cheese, beer, and mustard. What’s not to like?
02 Feb, 2019
Our Kaltbach Cave aged Le Gruyère is featured in the @thetorontostar. Check out what amazing wine you can pair with
26 Jan, 2019
#Repost @emmicheeseusa ・・・ Tête de Moine was originally made by Monks in the 12th century at the monastery of Bellelay, Switzerland. For a time, it was considered so valuable, tenant farmers used it as currency to pay landowners. Today’s cheesemakers crea...
22 Jan, 2019
Thank you for following us // Merci de suivre dans nos aventures fromagées
01 Jan, 2019
#Repost @emmicheeseusa ・・・ There’s nothing like a big pot of creamy, cheesy Emmi Fondü to bring friends and family together. Cheers to enjoying the very best this holiday season! • • • #fondue #emmifondü #fondueparty #cheesefondue #fonduenight #fonduetime...
23 Dec, 2018
#Repost @emmicheeseusa ・・・ Cheers to good friends and lots of melted cheese, all season long. . . #raclette #raclettecheese #racletteparty #holidaycheese #cheesestyle #cheeseparty #holidaytraditions #holidayentertaining #holidaygatherings #emmicheese#eats...
19 Dec, 2018

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