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Thank you for following us // Merci de suivre dans nos aventures fromagées
01 Jan, 2019
#Repost @emmicheeseusa ・・・ There’s nothing like a big pot of creamy, cheesy Emmi Fondü to bring friends and family together. Cheers to enjoying the very best this holiday season! • • • #fondue #emmifondü #fondueparty #cheesefondue #fonduenight #fonduetime...
23 Dec, 2018
#Repost @emmicheeseusa ・・・ Cheers to good friends and lots of melted cheese, all season long. . . #raclette #raclettecheese #racletteparty #holidaycheese #cheesestyle #cheeseparty #holidaytraditions #holidayentertaining #holidaygatherings #emmicheese#eats...
19 Dec, 2018
Who thought that Tête de Moine and cookies can be a good match?!
16 Dec, 2018
#Repost @rtbftendance ・・・ Une recette qui réchauffe le coeur et le corps en ce weekend ! • Préchauffez le four à 200°C. Coupez 4 blancs de poireau en tronçons et faites-les fondre dans une poêle avec un peu d'huile d'olive • Battez 4 oeufs avec 3 càs de f...
14 Dec, 2018
#Repost @emmicheeseusa ・・・ A beautifully-made cheese can be a striking centerpiece all on its own. Case in point: our Kaltbach Le Crémeux with its unique black rind developed naturally as it ages in the Kaltbach cave. . . . #tabledecor #tabledecorations #...
02 Dec, 2018
Raclette & view
29 Nov, 2018
Emmentaler freshly cut! Nice job Giovanni
28 Nov, 2018
#Repost @italianctryyc ・・・ This Gruyere, Mushroom and Bacon Dip from our friends at @eatswitzcheese is an awesome #greycup2018 party dish! Recipe is available on italiancentre.ca...
25 Nov, 2018
➡️LAST DAY at @gourmetfoodandwine expo. Your chance to try some of the world’s best cheeses. Don’t miss @afrimpristine show on the Chef Stage at 2 pm
25 Nov, 2018
Our friend Afrim Pristine on the Chef Stage tonight at 7pm preparing for you amazing pasta! Will be there as well tomorrow 2pm with croque monsieur. It’s your chance to taste amazing cheese and get your book signed
24 Nov, 2018
Don’t know what to do in this rainy day? Why not indulge yourself at @gourmetfoodandwine expo and pop by our
24 Nov, 2018
BEHIND THE SCENE/BOOTH! Getting ready for the @gourmetfoodandwine show. Come hungry we have melted Raclette, Tête de Moine & Kaltbach Le Gruyère. Great prices too + FREE insulated bag with purchase
23 Nov, 2018
Hope you’re hungry! We are ready
22 Nov, 2018
#Repost @emmicheeseusa ・・・ For an effortlessly elegant cheese board, choose one cheese to highlight and accent with pairings you have on hand. Emmi Le Gruyère is the star here with chocolate, blackberries, jam, cashews and whole grain bread. So simple. So...
21 Nov, 2018
Thanksgiving is coming and we just cracked open a whole wheel of Sbrinz Alpage. This is one of those cheeses that should not be missed. Aged for 36 months in the @gourminoltd cellars Sbrinz is one of the oldest cheeses in Europe and is thought to be the o...
17 Nov, 2018
Guess how much is this gold Emmentaler?
17 Nov, 2018
#eatswitzcheese #yyzeats #gourmetfoodandwineexpo
14 Nov, 2018
#Repost @emmicheeseusa ・・・ After aging peacefully under the watchful care of the Kaltbach Master Affineur, Kaltbach Le Gruyère AOP emerges from the cave perfectly matured and ready for a spirited celebration. Serve with a slightly chilled bottle of Grenac...
13 Nov, 2018
We think a chilly day calls for hot, melty cheese...Don’t you agree? #eatswitzcheese #stepintoitaly #yyc #yycfood #winterishere
06 Nov, 2018