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Discount Filters.Com Coupon Review Tutorial: $50 OFF!
GO HERE: ------------- Discount Filters.Com Coupon Review Tutorial: $50 OFF!
24 Nov, 2018 - The Perfect Sales Process - Training Video - The Perfect Sales Process - Training Video Let's take a look at what makes up the perfect sales process for DiscountFilters. They provide ...
28 Jun, 2018
Abby Robertson, Award Acceptance is one our 2018 recipients of the Salute Award.
22 May, 2018
Replace Air and Water Filters to Keep Your Family Healthy - Discount Filters
We got some air time! See how we helped one family with getting cleaner water for their home. Want to get cleaner water and better air quality in your home?
10 Apr, 2018 Ad (2017) Ad (2017) Produced by Premier Giant Productions.
26 Jan, 2018
DiscountFilters Air Filter Shopping Challenge + Giveaway!
Clayton and Gretchen take part in a challenge to find out the difference between shopping for air filters online and at the store. Plus, for a limited time, head over ...
10 Jul, 2017 Taste Test
We tested our own employees to see if they could taste the difference between water filtered by our own ClearChoice brand fridge filters and a name brand LG ...
06 Apr, 2017 Grand Segway Race - 2017
When we're not working hard to save you money or provide thousands of American homeowners the best filtration products, we like to have a little fun. This past ...
30 Jan, 2017
Changing Of The Filters At
Changing our water filter at Headquarters. We know how important clean air and water is to our customers, and we want to provide the same ...
20 Jan, 2012
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