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G-SHOCK Glasier Gold Edition - 35th Anniversary with new Band Design DW5735E-7
Reviewing the new DW5735E-7 GLASIER Gold Edition G-shock.
17 Mar, 2019
Latest LightWeight Rings with Weight
Latest LightWeight Rings with Weight #thefashion #LatestLightWeightRingswithWeight #rings.
16 Mar, 2019
Home Lower Body WORKOUT!!! + Agatha????
Home Booty WORKOUT que va a trabajar todos los músculos necesarios para tonificar tus GLUTEOS!! Warmup: GLUTE ACTIVATION Rutina: 3/4 sets - 15 reps ...
09 Feb, 2019
How Do You Know Which Wax To Use?
Recommended Tools & Supplies: Wax Carving Assortment - https://amzn.to/2BbsHno Wax Wires (Round & 1/2 Round) - https://amzn.to/2UTarpW 22 Gauge Pink ...
02 Jun, 2018
Comethazine - Bands (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)
Comethazine - Bands https://soundcloud.com/comethazine/bands http://instagram.com/comethazine http://twitter.com/comethazine117 Song Produced by ...
02 May, 2018
10 Reasons 2 Get Designband For Your Event
Fun interactive live music will take your event to the next level.
09 Feb, 2018
designband.com drum cam
Designband drum cam.
03 Jan, 2018
This video is of The Amazing Tracy Stone from DesignBand Singing the song Outstanding , Originally performed by The Gap Band See him perform with ...
13 Dec, 2017
ComoTallar cera con Dremel -Anillo ola- Wax carving with Dremel Wave Ring
en este video te enseño en cámara rápida las siete horas que pase grabando la segunda etapade este futuro anillo en forma de ola, mas adelante subire sus ...
05 Sep, 2017
Master Wax Carving Techniques - Wax Carving a Ring - (2017) for a diamond ring.
Wax carving is one of the oldest ways to create a piece of jewelry. Many of the pieces of jewelry that you see in stores started out as a wax model. The ring of ...
25 Aug, 2017
MOACC Fitbit Charge 2 Band,Adjustable Replacement Sport Strap for Fitbit Charge2
Get it on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073QG78CG Fitbit Charge 2 Band,Soft Silicone Adjustable Replacement Sport Strap Floral Design Bands with ...
13 Jul, 2017
Jewelry Design and Fabrication- How to Hand Carved a Wax Dome Ring
In this video, I like to share with you the traditional hand carved wax technique. It also incorporates Rhino clips to help you visualized the process. If you ...
08 Jun, 2017
How to design bands in cad
Design a band in very simple way in cad.
05 Mar, 2017
Intro to Wax Carving
This was a rough draft. For more videos about our jewelry making process please visit our Hunt Country Jewelers youtube channel: ...
22 Jul, 2016
Wax-Carving to finished Silver-Pendant
In this video, you will explore how a basic wax-form is carefully carved by hand by using gravers & carving the Azure pattern. In this pendant are 3, 6mm cz's all ...
12 Jan, 2016
Kat Maclean - Wax Carving Workshop - Soft Square Ring
In this tutorial you will be learning how to carve the soft square profile of a ring. This exercise is simple yet still requires precision. There is an appealing ...
17 Dec, 2015
UP2 - New Clasp Design, Bands, and Colors - Review & Comparison!
Amazon: http://goo.gl/SUYEM9 Check out our website at MAOmagic.com! Subscribe to our activity trackers playlist to see the latest fitness trackers, health ...
01 Nov, 2015
Custom diamond engagement ring.
What makes this custom engagement ring so special? Custom CAD (Computer Assisted Design) with the Bride and Groom's initials inside the ring under the ...
18 Sep, 2015
Carving a Ring in Wax (part 1) — The Art League School
Watch part 2 here: http://youtu.be/Wdx712Zqn-Q Art League instructor Gretchen Raber (http://www.gretchenraber.com) demonstrates how to create a sterling ...
15 Jun, 2015
Master Wax Carving Techniques 4
Master Wax Carving Techniques for a three stone ring.
09 Jun, 2015

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