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For some people it’s just a bench at the bus stop. For me it’s a perfect place TO GET MY DAILY DOSE OF COFFEINE, YAY!
16 Sep, 2019
So there was no biking today, but of course i still have some nice pictures from last years trip. This was in the south of England, one of my first “steps” on the left side of the road… and this year I challenged myself with driving in Russia, which remin...
14 Sep, 2019
So, my video is out on Youtube! Session 13 will show you some of my adventures from Denmark to Trondheim! Link is in my profile
13 Sep, 2019
I am back in Russia now. So it is a good time to remind myself about that ski lift near Murmansk
11 Sep, 2019
Who needs a table to make delicious coffee? Not me!
10 Sep, 2019
Today is #noridingday because… well my mind was sharp, but my body was tired. So I let it Rest. Which is hard for me, as I am usually a little bit restless
09 Sep, 2019
That will be my camping spot for tonight
08 Sep, 2019
Another impression from Murmansk, Russia. Can you spot the German beers? And why is there a Oktoberfest waitress?
07 Sep, 2019
So this was the parking spot at my Appartment for my bike. So I can see it from the Windows
03 Sep, 2019
Oh Yeah, the northermst Point of Europe… which you can visit without a boat. And I had luck with the weather: arriving at 9 degrees with a lot of rain, but after one day I got 20 degrees, and injured knee, dropped my bike, had to leave my ten (too windy) ...
29 Aug, 2019
It is getting colder and more wet… but soon I have to turnaround anyways
26 Aug, 2019
And if anyone is interested what happened the first part of my trip: Video is online and linked in my bio! #youtube #cowboyhonda #rylo #splice
25 Aug, 2019
Yesterday’s Camping spot with chilling 6 degrees in the morning. Didn’t realized that, until I left my sleeping bag. #glacier1000 for the win! #cowboyhonda #africatwin #adventuresports #honda #xrv750 #adv #advrider #madeforadventure #bigtrail #gallerybike...
24 Aug, 2019
That was a lovely mountain today. And look! What’s that in the mirror?
23 Aug, 2019
OMG, did I just crossed the arctic circle on a motorbike?
22 Aug, 2019
Trondheim is really an amazing city. Was happy to stay here to refresh my batteries. But woah, expensive city – now it’s back to cooking for myself and camping. Missed my tent
20 Aug, 2019
Housework down in the earth, there is a Honda hidden for adventure! Today I was traveling more underground [email protected] the beautiful landscapes of Norway. These tunnels under the sea are crazy bent! #cowboyhonda #africatwin #adventuresports #honda #xrv750 #ad...
17 Aug, 2019
Today I will be camping with a view… unbelievable – there are glaciers on top of the mountains
15 Aug, 2019
I was asked, if I did find some good restaurants in #norway already. And I answered with this picture from today
14 Aug, 2019