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Bremssattelmontage a la Cowboy. Trust me I am an engineer
27 Apr, 2020
Teil 51 der #design100 Prinzipien: Immersion – »Ein Zustand geistiger Konzentration, der so intensiv ist, dass das Bewusstsein für die ›reale‹ Welt verloren geht und ein Zustand des Glücks und der Zufriedenheit einsetzt.«⁠ Wie bei der Meditation von Heads...
31 Mar, 2020
Hohoho, merry Christmas from #cowboyhonda
25 Dec, 2019
Somebody is watching me and my food…
18 Oct, 2019
The Nordkapp / East Germany adventure is over – but the next one will come for sure … in the meanwhile: have fun with some pictures like this! #cowboyhonda #africatwin #adventuresports #honda #xrv750 #adv #advrider #madeforadventure #bigtrail #gallerybike...
15 Oct, 2019
Oh yeah that old #ural could tell some stories for sure… I’ve heard about some people who crossed in the “road of bones” with multiple urals and got stuck in rivers, run out of gas, etc. This old one even didn’t had two wheel drive, so… could be hard off-...
09 Oct, 2019
Russia was a very interesting place – as it is very different from the European countries. Full Video is online on Youtube! Link can be found in bio
07 Oct, 2019
Coffee break in front of a Geiger counter
05 Oct, 2019
Wohoo, I got a new bike today! Weird, that Honda thought, this bike can’t to more than 100.000km
04 Oct, 2019
Oh yeah, it got me again! That stupid connection from the rectifier! Even after I changed the original connection with an waterproof version, one wire melted the connection down again! But the good thing: because one of my headlamps went also black three ...
30 Sep, 2019
Weather is bad? But you are hungry? Thanks to polish bus stops and my gasoline stove – no problem!
26 Sep, 2019
Wait, what? There is a new video on my YouTube channel? Oh yeah! Link to my playlist in my bio
24 Sep, 2019
Hey @swmotech – my fog light has stopped working. Any clues?
20 Sep, 2019
This was the moment, when I realized, that after 6 years, 4 bikes, new soles (glued on in Italy) and over 60.000km of riding… my shoes weren’t waterproof anymore
17 Sep, 2019
For some people it’s just a bench at the bus stop. For me it’s a perfect place TO GET MY DAILY DOSE OF COFFEINE, YAY!
16 Sep, 2019
So there was no biking today, but of course i still have some nice pictures from last years trip. This was in the south of England, one of my first “steps” on the left side of the road… and this year I challenged myself with driving in Russia, which remin...
14 Sep, 2019
So, my video is out on Youtube! Session 13 will show you some of my adventures from Denmark to Trondheim! Link is in my profile
13 Sep, 2019
I am back in Russia now. So it is a good time to remind myself about that ski lift near Murmansk
11 Sep, 2019
Who needs a table to make delicious coffee? Not me!
10 Sep, 2019
Today is #noridingday because… well my mind was sharp, but my body was tired. So I let it Rest. Which is hard for me, as I am usually a little bit restless
09 Sep, 2019