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Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness; let the whole earth tremble before Him. Psalm 96:9 . #discipleschurch #compassionunleashed #worship
26 Oct, 2020
Join us tomorrow at 10am for worship and a sermon from our current Compassion Unleashed series! Join us in person (please RSVP), or virtually! We also still have our Reflection Experience set up in the youth auditorium! Join us! #discipleschurchfolsom #di...
24 Oct, 2020
It’s been a crazy confusing time for many, but we can still have purpose and keep hope as we serve & love our community!! Praise the LORD! The transition to sewing a lighter “courtesy” mask has been a hit for the sewers & those receiving our sewn masks!...
13 May, 2020
Over the past 5 weeks, my sister has discovered cutting fabric to be quite therapeutic these days... She cut up this generously donated knit fabric into 1' strips, stretched em out nicely & next will be cutting these curled strips into 7' pieces to sew as...
24 Apr, 2020
WOW!! Thank you to all our supporters and volunteers for a crazy busy, but AMAZING week for the Grateful Hearts Sewing
19 Apr, 2020
Confirmation AWESOMENESS all of you - on this sewing masks project!! Thank you fabric cutters, SEWers, porch angels
17 Apr, 2020
[Feb 1, 2020] Earlier this month I had the opportunity to travel to Guanacaste, Costa Rica for a week of meetings, brainstorming, and collaboration on an awesome new project. ☀️
19 Feb, 2020
Saw an old pic of me at 19 years old and it reminded me of the transformations I have have made over the last 15 years. I have better skin, better teeth, bigger muscles, more degrees and I have traveled the world but my heart, sense of humor, and love for...
15 Sep, 2019
Our service was so good today!
15 Apr, 2019
Ask my wife, I still have “knucklehead” moments. ❌
09 Apr, 2019
Preached about a “BEAUTIFUL MESS” on Sunday. That’s the thing about showing COMPASSION, it will inconvenience us, it’s messy, it makes you ‘feel’ on a gut level, and it’s down right beautiful! Podcast uuup!!! #SanctuaryLA #CompassionUnleashed...
01 Apr, 2019
The weekend came and went, but guess what?! If you missed service yesterday you can catch a listen to the podcast.
01 Apr, 2019
"A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal" - Steve Maraboli #CompassionUnleashed #wearessmhealth #pettherapy #pettherapydog #bepresent
01 Feb, 2018
Listening to Catherine Hoke present @westgatechurch about Defy Ventures. An entrepreneurial training program for men and women transitioning out of prison into legit business leaders in the community. This is an amazingly disruptive idea that brings 2nd...
01 Aug, 2014