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You don’t have to believe the stories they tell you. Have a lovely weekend all ✌
17 Sep, 2021
When we say that we are confident of our products, we mean it. Thus we give all customers a 30 nights risk-free trial for every purchase – if you’re not satisfied, just return it and we’ll refund you. So, no need to lose any sleep over your next Comfort C...
11 Sep, 2021
While some may say that sleep is just sleep, we understand how essential a good night’s rest is to happiness in general, and we believe that good sleep can make a whole world of difference
08 Sep, 2021
You’re not defined by anxiety any more than you’re defined by a common cold. You don’t hide a common cold, you call in sick for work and rest. Anxiety and depression are not something to be ashamed of or to hide. They’re no more shameful than a common ...
07 Sep, 2021
While you may not see it on the surface, you'll definitely feel the difference every night. Each of our pillows are made using the best materials and skilled craftsmanship. Truly a worthwhile investment into your well-being
04 Sep, 2021
Body suits are perfect for fall ! Super soft and comfy off course .
03 Sep, 2021
Meet the gusset: Two inches which make a world of difference
01 Sep, 2021
Sizes Small - Large available ! Really comfy ! Has lots of stretch , very soft . The best part it doesn’t squeeze ! If you know what I mean !
30 Aug, 2021
Back by over 18 years of experience, we crafted our Miragel pillows to ensure you do not have to forego comfort to have the right support. Made with Miragel, a revolutionary ultra-soft down-alternative fibre to achieve the perfect balance for a dreamy sno...
28 Aug, 2021
If you've not yet heard of our Miragel pillows, say Hi!
25 Aug, 2021
Come join us to enjoy the benefits of a great nap!
21 Aug, 2021
Comfy & Confident ! We love to see it ! Still a few sizes left , Hurry before they’re gone for the summer !
19 Aug, 2021
We believe that a good night's sleep is essential to wellness in general
18 Aug, 2021
It’s the M E L A N I N ✨ for me . Thank you @stagesofbeautiful for supporting us . Our Melanin Tee’s have been restocked in white . The black dropping soon !
15 Aug, 2021
Our first Comfy Tee is still available ! We have sizes Small-XLarge . • • • • • • • • #514 #montreal #tshirt #smallbusiness #boutique #comfortco #melanin #blackisbeautiful
27 Jul, 2021
Black straight leg 2 piece Sizes available : small-Xlarge • • • • • #montreal #mtl #514 #comfortco #comfyclothes #smallbusiness
28 May, 2021
Our pieces come without neck tags . No need to cut out or have any tags scratching at your neck . All our tags are transferred onto our clothes by hand . Washer / Dryer & heat safe . • • • • • #comfortco #comfyclothes #montreal #514 #mtl #smallbusiness...
20 May, 2021
Move your body, read a book, practice mindfulness, or watch a documentary - this may be the opportunity for us to get into healthier habits, expand our minds and broaden our horizons, all from the comfort of home!
17 Feb, 2021
May the Year of the Ox bring you & your family much joy, luck, happiness, good health & prosperity! Happy Chinese New Year!
11 Feb, 2021
Ace buat mase ni still tidur dgn mommy and daddy. Tapi i xkisah sebab die mmg akan tidur kat bantal die sndri so ade seperate space masing masing hehe. Dlu die slalu tido sekjap and asek terjaga malam, skrg nak suruh bgun pegi playschool pon tak smpai h...
10 Feb, 2021