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Black straight leg 2 piece Sizes available : small-Xlarge • • • • • #montreal #mtl #514 #comfortco #comfyclothes #smallbusiness
28 May, 2021
Our pieces come without neck tags . No need to cut out or have any tags scratching at your neck . All our tags are transferred onto our clothes by hand . Washer / Dryer & heat safe . • • • • • #comfortco #comfyclothes #montreal #514 #mtl #smallbusiness...
20 May, 2021
Move your body, read a book, practice mindfulness, or watch a documentary - this may be the opportunity for us to get into healthier habits, expand our minds and broaden our horizons, all from the comfort of home!
17 Feb, 2021
May the Year of the Ox bring you & your family much joy, luck, happiness, good health & prosperity! Happy Chinese New Year!
11 Feb, 2021
Ace buat mase ni still tidur dgn mommy and daddy. Tapi i xkisah sebab die mmg akan tidur kat bantal die sndri so ade seperate space masing masing hehe. Dlu die slalu tido sekjap and asek terjaga malam, skrg nak suruh bgun pegi playschool pon tak smpai h...
10 Feb, 2021
We know it may not always be easy, and challenging times affect us all differently. Here's a reminder to take care of yourself
08 Feb, 2021
Topik : Tidur Berkualiti Itu Penting Antara soalan yg wajib sy tanya pesakit yg datang dengan demam, batuk, selsema mahupun sakit kepala adalah “cukup tidur tak baru-baru ni?”. Jawapan yg diterima “semalam dapat 5 jam doc, selalu 6 jam”, “cukup 8 jam doc...
02 Feb, 2021
As we welcome 2021, why not gift the gift of good sleep to let your loved ones know you care?
02 Jan, 2021
New Year's Day. A fresh start. A new chapter in life waiting to be written. New questions to be asked, embraced, and loved. Answers to be discovered and then lived in this transformative year of delight and self-love. Happy New Year!
01 Jan, 2021
May we always cherish the moments & experiences of this year. We wish you much happiness in the coming year. Here's to a great 365 days ahead!
31 Dec, 2020
Merry Christmas from our family to yours!
25 Dec, 2020
May this season bring you much warmth & joy! We wish that you will continue to have many special moments, happiness and blessings together with your loved ones this year-end season
24 Dec, 2020
What could be warmer than the gift of good sleep this Christmas to let your loved ones know you care?
23 Dec, 2020
DAY - 8 Quarantine
30 Nov, 2020
SUCCESS is being able to come home, lay your head on the pillow and SLEEP in PEACE
26 Nov, 2020
We dream of a world where night after night, one can rest in the assurance of sleeping uninterrupted and waking up feeling ready to rule the world! And it all starts with giving you the right quality, support and comfort you deserve
13 Nov, 2020
A gusset is like a pillow’s added spine which offers extra height and support for better neck alignment. Most importantly, it evenly distributes the weight between your neck and head, making sure your body stays aligned to the spine’s natural curvature as...
11 Nov, 2020
We’ve spent over 18 years figuring out how to make the best pillows. From the choice of materials to firmness, height and shape, no measure is too great and no detail is too small in ensuring that your sleep is an experience of utmost bliss
09 Nov, 2020
Do you take naps? Maybe you should! A good nap can help get you out of that afternoon slump, recharge your energy, improve brain functions ranging from memory to focus & creativity, leave you more alert and in a better mood. Let's not forget how important...
30 Oct, 2020